French Film Festival

Can't miss program with special selection of French shorts provided by French Film Festival SSFF & ASIA proudly presents

"Short Film Selection" from French Film Festival (June 26 - 29). The lineup consists of various short films, ranging from animation to human drama, directed by upcoming French filmmakers. "Savage Night" starring Shinobu Terashima and Susumu Terashima is one of the must-see films this year.


  • Director Elsa Blayau & Chloé Larouchi
    Completion 2014 Time 19:00
    Genre Drama Area France
    Point Marina secretly cultivates a love for Boris, a young attractive dancer. But Boris's heart is somewhere else. Discouraged, the young woman makes a pact with a mysterious stranger, sealing her fate.

    • Director:Elsa Blayau & Chloé Larouchi

      Chloé Larouchi graduated from the Screenwriting Program at La Fémis in 2010. She was the writer for episode ''Bye Bye'' of La collection - Écrire pour... 5 fois Nathalie Baye, which was part of the 2011 Cannes Critics' Week.
      Elsa Blayau, after her graduation from ESAG Penninghen, started work at an advertising firm. Her short film Une journée quotidienne screened at the 2009 Cannes Short Film Corner and received great praise.


  • Director Julien Bisaro
    Completion 2014 Time 12:00
    Genre Animation Area France
    Point Bang! Bang! It's hunting season. And also Éda's birthday: twenty five years old. In the forest, her father leads the hunting. Éda is also in the forest, after being frightened by a strange pink dog. Pursuit and confrontation become inevitable.

    • Director:Julien Bisaro

      Julien Bisaro is an illustrator and animator from the south of France. He graduated with honors from Fine Arts Epinal and continued his studies at La Poudrière in Valence, where his film L'oeil du cyclone received Best 2D Movie Award at UK's Festival Animex 2007. He has also worked on feature films such as Oscar-nominated Brendan and the Secret of Kells, among others.

SAVAGE NIGHT Mature Content:These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

  • Director Kristof Sagna
    Completion 2015 Time 20:00
    Genre Drama Area France, Japan
    Point Aiko earns her living by taking part in Mafia-financed porn movies. When Aiko's partner goes missing, she is ordered to find out what happened. When she stumbles upon an abandoned baby in her recently deceased partner's apartment, it rouses her maternal instinct.

    • Director:Kristof Sagna

      Kristof Sagna (born 1981) is an actor, writer, director and Japanophile. His directorial debut, Sex Toys Blues, was praised for its stylish direction. He was approached by Shinobu Terajima (Berlin Film Festival Best Actress winner) who convinced him she was perfect for the lead role of Aiko in Savage Night. Kristof is currently developing his latest film, Même les poètes sont armés.


  • Director Marie-Christine Courtès
    Completion 2014 Time 13:00
    Genre Animation Area France
    Point The day of her grandmother's cremation, Emilie, a young mixed-race Asian girl, buries herself in her grandmother memories. She discovers the Indochina of Hoa and relives the arrival into the camp of Sainte-Livrade. Between memories, dance, anger and traditional rituals, Emilie learns to accept this heritage…

    • Director:Marie-Christine Courtès

      Marie-Christine Courtès studied Literature and History in university and graduate school. As a journalist she was dispatched to Cambodia as a special correspondent for WTN. Recently, she collaborated with production company ''Vivement Lundi!'' to direct an animation on legendary female journalist Andrée Viollis and a documentary on bande dessinée comic artist Marcelino Truong's childhood in Saigon.


  • Director Alice Vial
    Completion 2014 Time 24:00
    Genre Drama Area France
    Point Eight-year-old Elisa lives alone with her mother Jeanne, in a small isolated village of the French Alps. The little girl suffers from her mother's absence as Jeanne works every night in a bar in town. Elisa tries to fill her loneliness by constantly wearing a wolf hand puppet.

    • Director:Alice Vial

      Alice Vial was born in 1986 in Paris. She has written and directed three short films: The Man who knew a lot, (which was broadcast on French TV), French it up! and Wolf Head. Alice co-wrote a feature, The Innocents, directed by French director Anne Fontaine. Alice is currently writing a new feature.

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