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  • 2019.07.25
  • All Aboard to watch a film!
Our Summer in London offers many outdoor experiences, initiatives to celebrate the weather that gets milder and the days that get longer (this year unbelievably high temperatures are supposed to hit our city too).
Outdoor theatres, under the stars cinema venues and various festivals are just some of the proposals that the city offers its residents and its visitors.
For sure, we don’t lack cinemas here in London, we even have some of the biggest and technologically advanced cinema screens in the world (innovations that are also reflected in the ticket price, sometimes very salty unfortunately!).
Nonetheless, as immersive and suggestive as it may be, the experience at the cinema - films aside - is a bit always the same.
But London is a city which always has to offer something new and, after last year's success, they proposed again the series of “Movies on the River,” the summer’s boat shows.
One of the most unforgettable experiences I would recommend to everyone is watching movies outdoors while sailing on the Thames aboard a cinema boat because it’s something unique, or so I think.
From mid-June and then throughout the month of July, “Movies on the River” is a scheduled event, a London event that includes a sunset cruise with the screening of a film as soon as darkness falls.
How does it work?
You will ask.
This is a cruise on the Thames which begins as the sun sets over the waters of the river that flows into London, a short cruise around followed by a film showing on the ship's deck while you enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world: the London skyline.
For five days a week, starting from mid-June, a new cinephile location will be added to the classic parks, squares and roofs.
The cinema boat, in addition to the films to be projected, will also include a bar with drinks and snacks, to be purchased on board.

The package includes both the cruise on the Thames and the ticket for the film and the loading docking and landing point will be at the Tower Pier, on Lower Thames Street.
The times of the screenings will vary with the changing of the sunset time, and the same time of return on the mainland will depend on the length of the film and can be up to midnight. The usual itinerary, variable depending on the occasion, usually starts from the Tower Bridge in central London, passing the Tate Modern museum and reaching Southbank up to the Houses of Parliament: at that point you will come back to have Tower Bridge in the background during the projection of the film.
The movies is shown on a huge inflatable screen and the programming is of the highest quality, with very recent titles and many inevitable classics, such as: Grease, Mamma Mia! Here we go Again, Bohemian Rhapsody, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Greatest Showman, Pretty Woman, Back to the Future, La La Land, Top Gun, Notting Hill, Romeo + Juliet, Black Panther, A Star is Born, Mary Poppins' Return, just to mention some I have seen on the programme of this year.
Once the sky is dark, the participants will be given wireless headphones just like the ones used at silent disco parties and, in case of chilly weather, also some blankets, if they wish to have them. The weather, however, will not be a discriminating factor, because even in case of rain the projections will take place and some raincoats will be distributed amongst the participants (I know, not ideal but it’s London after all!).

Outdoor films are the best in the Summer but on a boat on the river Thames it is even more magic!


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