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  • 2019.08.08
  • London on foot and from a different perspective
Outsiders may think that Londoners avoid doing anything touristy around the city and this is probably true when it comes to some “precautions” such as avoiding Piccadilly Circus during the day or steering clear of Camden Town at the weekend, but it is also true that Londoners like to participate in unusual walking tours of the city, especially when visitors come to town from abroad.
Some of the tours I have taken are here below for you to ‘virtually’ enjoy them.

Doctor Who is one of the longest running science fiction TV series in British history and known worldwide. Broadcasted since 1964, it boasts numerous seasons and a different series of protagonists who have played the role of ‘the Doctor.’
In the past ten years, the TV series has been aired again and also shown with new actors in the cast.
The Doctor Who walking tour of London includes over 20 locations where some memorable scenes were filmed and, with the help of a knowledgeable guide, you will be able to learn new curiosities about the series and some of the lesser-known stories about the cast and the history of the show and also see the areas where ‘The Doctor’ fought some of his historical battles, such as the one against the Cyberman and of course the Daleks .
A unique opportunity for ‘the most nerd’ fans to learn about alternative and less popular stories in the capital.
But not everyone is a fan of Doctor Who…

I have been meaning to participate in a Jack the Ripper tour in London for years, both because I am passionate about this historical case and because I have watched many movies and TV series on this topic.
I finally participated in one and I was very happy about it and about the guide I had.
The guide, one of the most competent people in the case of Jack the Ripper because he is a volunteer at the City Police Museum, where all the evidence and documentation of the case, which he had been studying for some time, are kept.
The tour started right from the City Police Museum, a small but packed room of memorabilia of all kinds that tells the story of the City of London police, from its foundation until today. There are a lot of things that you don't notice at first sight, but that have an interesting story to tell (and that only a guide can tell you), like the first incendiary bombs made by the suffragettes, or the collection of improper weapons seized in over a century.
But not to lose tracks of things…above all here are preserved original documents and evidence of the case of Jack the Ripper, like the photos of the victims and the famous letter from Hell that Jack sent to the police.
Those on display are only copies, the originals are kept locked in the museum's archives. The City Police Museum is really interesting and is a must see if you are passionate about the case, but it is not easy to visit it.
First of all because it is not freely open to the public, but one must be accompanied by one of the volunteers.
Our tour continued with a walk through the streets of the East End, the few still remaining that preserve the atmosphere of the London slums of the late 19th century.
Among narrow alleys and courtyards and hidden passages are Brick Lane and The Ten Bells pub, where some of the victims of the mysterious murderer got drunk shortly before being killed, and which is still in business today.
Most crime scenes no longer exist, streets and buildings have been completely changed, but we have been able to enjoy some of the atmosphere of the darkest period in London, topped off with lots of stories and curiosities about the city.

London is the city of Doctor Who and Jack the Ripper


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