Knowledge Capital announces that the 4th annual ISCA (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CREATIVE AWARD) will be held.

ISCA is an international arts and information media competition for university, graduate school, and vocational school students in which entries are submitted by a teacher in charge. Last year there were 152 entries from 51 schools in Japan and 318 entries from 36 countries around the globe.

Many of OSAKA broadcast media, advertising agencies, well-known production companies, and related businesses participate in “A STAR IS BORN -Scouting-”. Several of award winners from domestic contestants at last year’s event have joined forces with the scouting companies to product development field. One of the winners even made stunning debut and was getting national exposure in the entertainment world.

Knowledge Capital, the core facility of Grand Font Osaka, is a knowledge creation center generating new value through ISCA which has attracted widespread interest in Japan and throughout the world. We are to develop and nurture young talent, promote international exchanges, and provide a stage on which the young people representing tomorrow’s next generation of culture and art can display their creativity to a global audience.

We look forward to receiving your entry.

※ISCA2016 (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CREATIVE AWARD 2016) is a contest for student only!