2016 Event Gallery

A screening and exhibition of the winning entries was held at the Knowledge Capital Event Lab in the North Building of Grand Front Osaka for two days on November 9th and 10th (Wed. & Thu.), 2016.
Exhibiting the winning entries in this year’s newly established Digital Content Category enabled both the judges and event visitors to actually see and appreciate the entries, and also gave the creators an opportunity to directly respond to comments regarding their work.
A star Is Born -Scouting- that ISCA is famous for provided the award winners with an invaluable opportunity to receive reviews and advice from professionals in each field, often sewing the seeds of ideas for future work.
Continuing from the previous year, the stage program included Part 2 of the “ISCA Special Talk Battle,” an ISCA exclusive featuring contemporary artist Naohiro Ukawa and media artist Yoichi Ochiai. There were also appearances by stop motion animator Taijin Takeuchi, known as the “Komadorist” (BACA-JA 2007 award winner) and Takuya Koyama, known as Sushi-kun (ISCA 2015 award winner), plus an “ISCA Debut Talk” discussing the actual conditions young creators face.
Both the screening and exhibition and the various related events were a tremendous success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
We would like to thank the many visitors for their continued support.