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Featuring stop-motion artist Taijin Takeuchi (Winner of BACA-JA2007) and the highly popular Sushi-kun (Winner of ISCA2015) Don’t miss ISCA judge and leading CGI creator Shuzo John Shiota’s interview with these two star creators who were launched to fame by the ISCA.

Taijin TakeuchiTaijin Takeuchi’s original movie Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig created while he was still a student topped 1 million views in 10 days on YouTube, going viral worldwide. In 2011 he published the book How to Make the Stop Motion Animation (released by BNN, Inc.). As one of Japan’s top stop-motion artists he has won numerous prizes, including a Bronze at ACC 2016.

koyama takuyaIn addition to directing animated music videos, Takuya Koyama has also been active in music, and in 2016 he had a major debut on the Universal Music label as [with the group?] Yabai T-Shirt-san \. His work includes the MUISIC [MUSIC?] VIDEO, KAZOKU KOSEI [FAMILY COMPOSITION?], and FRIENDS Okazaki Taiiku [series of?] music videos; the movie Atumare! Wakuwaku Park [Let’s All Go to Wakuwaku Park! (?)]; and the animated short Sushi-kun [Mr. Sushi? Sushi Boy?].

Shiota and his fellow ISCA judge Yasuaki Miyashita quiz the top Japanese prizewinners on the fun and challenges encountered in making their entries, and on their outlook for the future. Don’t miss these young creators talking about the creative process.

Yasuaki MiyashitaYasuaki Miyashita founded the iPhone app review site AppBank.net in 2008, and in 2013 he was appointed CEO of AppBank Store, which sells iPhone accessories and other merchandise. Since 2015 he has served as president and CEO of the companies AppBank and apprime.

Shuzo John ShiotaHe assumed the position of President and CEO in 2003. As studio head Shiota has spearheaded efforts to cultivate Polygon's overseas presence, helping the studio to become a leading developer of TV series and content targeted at the foreign market. Shiota has also served as a judge at major Japanese and international film festivals including Prix Ars Electronica (AUS) and SIGGRAPH (U.S.). In 2008, he was selected as one of the "25 Toon Titans of Asia" by popular industry publication Animation Magazine.

Teenage creators who sprang to fame on social media offer a unique view of the world through their performances and video productions.

H!RAA young influencer who sprang to fame on the video app Vine. His powerful influence on social media led to appearances on television and in magazines, as well as a wide range of promotions.

James JVideos have introduced the amazing lifting skills of high school football artist James J. His ball handling, using not only his feet but his entire body, is truly incredible.

Red JokerHe is video creator who delivers wonderful performances. His music and dance videos have soared in popularity, with overwhelming support among junior high school fans. He’s half Filipino and half Japanese.

Back by popular demand! Yoichi Ochiai is a “media artist” who combines computer and analog technologies to create exciting new works. The mysteries of his creative mind will be explored by contemporary artist Naohiro Ukawa.

Naohiro Ukawa(born 1968 in Kagawa prefecture) deletes existing fine art and framework of popular culture, and doing the most free expression activity in Japan today. He launched his own Channel "DOMMUNE" which has Live Streaming Studio function, and it's still giving the topic at domestic and overseas.

Yoichi OchiaiAssistant Professor at University of Tsukuba / Principle Investigator of Digital Nature Group / Media Artist / Born in 1987 in Tokyo.He has been an assistant professor at the University of Tsukuba since 2015.He works on new inventions and research through a mixture of applied physics, computer science, and art.He has received the Innovative Technologies Prize from METI, the World Technology Award from Fortune, and many more.

C'mon Everybody「A Star Is Born -Scouting-」
Producers of TV station / Major advertising agencies / the famous productions in Osaka participate & scout for the future stars.

[Participant companies] Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, ABC DREAM VENTURES, Inc, Kansai Telecasting Corporation, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Television Osaka, Inc., FM802, Daiko Advertising Inc., Dentsu Inc., Shochiku Geino Co., Ltd., STELLA CASTING INC., Yoshimoto Creative Agency CO., AppBank inc., LTD., Polygon Pictures Inc., Yahoo Japan Corporation, KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories,Inc., TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD., Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. and other companie

Start Screenings and Displays of the winning works Screenings of all video works at Creative Theater
Introduction of the winners of the Japan and International Video Content categories
Winners of the Digital Content Categories
C'mon Everybody 「A Star Is Born -Scouting-」

Start Screenings and Displays of the winning works Screenings of all video works at Creative Theater
ISCA’s First Star Talk Featuring stop-motion artist Taijin Takeuchi and the highly popular Sushi-kun
Interviewers : Shuzo John Shiota
ISCA’s stars of tomorrow! Featuring winners of top prizes in the domestic video and digital content categories
Interviewers: Yasuaki Miyashita and Shuzo John Shiota
ISCA Special Select U-20 Creators Guest : H!RA / Red Joker / James J
ISCA Special Talk Battle Guest : Naohiro Ukawa & Yoichi Ochiai

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  • ISCA chairman / The chief judge

    Toshio Matsumoto

    Film director and theorist, former president of the Japan Society of Image Arts & Sciences

  • The acting chief judge

    Naohiro Ukawa

    Contemporary artist, professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design

  • Shuzo John Shiota

    President and CEO of Polygon Pictures Inc.

  • Yukiko Tasaki

    Producer of SUPERSTATION, Inc.

  • Toyonori Takahashi

    General Manager of KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL association

  • The chief judge

    Cynthia Beth Rubin

    Digital Artist, C B Rubin Studio Art Gallery co-Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Macao past Chair, ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee

  • Pat Lee

    Co Founder of Secret Lab Ltd.
    Founder of Pat Lee Production Ltd.

  • Gerfried Stocker

    Managing and Artistic Director of Ars Electronica

  • The chief judge

    Michitaka Hirose

    Professor of Tokyo University Graduate School

  • Yasuaki Miyashita

    President and CEO of AppBank inc.

  • Satoshi Endo

    Director, KADOKAWA ASCII Research Laboratories, Inc.

  • Yoichi Ochiai

    Media artist and entrepreneur

    • Toshio Matsumoto
    • Shuzo John Shiota
    • Toyonori Takahashi
    • Pat Lee
    • Naohiro Ukawa
    • Yukiko Tasaki
    • Cynthia Beth Rubin
    • Gerfried Stocker