On December 1st and 2nd, ISCA2017 events including the announcement, screening and display of winning works were held at Knowledge Capital’s The Lab. in the North Building of Grand Front Osaka.
In addition to the display of winning works in the Digital Content category, the venue featured a special exhibit of work by digital artist extraordinaire Yoichi Ochiai, who was also one of the judges.
Screenings of winning works in the Domestic and International Video Content categories treated visitors to an impressive display of youthful vision and brilliant creativity.
The “Star Is Born – Scouting” event, now an ISCA institution, saw attendees from major agencies, television stations, and leading IT companies give evaluations and advice to the winners. It was a valuable opportunity that is sure to serve them well in their future endeavors.

The second day’s stage program featured a global panel session consisting of international judges Gerfried Stocker (artistic director of Ars Electronica), Pat Lee (creative director of Iron Man and other works), and Cynthia Beth Rubin (past Chair of ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee), who are all doing great work on the global stage. The wide variety of other exciting content included a special talk by doctor and medical CG producer Hirofumi Seo, and a special panel session with Yoichi Ochiai (world-renowned “modern magician” media artist), Dominick Chen (information sciences researcher and co-founder of Dividual Inc.), and Naohiro Ukawa (contemporary artist). We would like to extend a warm “Thank you!” to the visitors, participating businesses, and winners for their support and for making the event a success.

Thank you all for coming.