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About ISCA

Knowledge Capital announces that the 6th annual ISCA (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CREATIVE AWARD) will be held.

ISCA is an international arts and information media competition for university, graduate school, and vocational school students. Last year there were 198 entries from 68 schools in Japan and 329 entries from 30 countries around the globe.

All of these entries are carefully looked through and selected for awards by the judges who have been well respected in the international artistic scene. International guest judges not only make decision of award winners but share their cutting edge activities of artistic scene worldwide.

One of ISCA’s remarkable program is “A STAR IS BORN –Scouting-”. Many of OSAKA broadcast media, advertising agencies, well-known production companies, and related businesses participate in the program to find up and coming talents. Some of award winners have joined forces with the scouting companies to product development field. Through the scouting younger talent to bridge a gap between generations have been produced.

ISCA has since last year started making a step toward global expansion : one of its move is making a partnership with one of Taiwan’s finest film festivals Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards (FFIFA). ISCA and FFIFA exchange their winning works and give them a screening at events each other.

We look forward to your entry.

*ISCA2018 (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CREATIVE AWARD 2018) is a contest for student only!