Development Background

The development of Knowledge Capital started as part of the redevelopment project for "the last prime land in a city center," and attracted much public attention. In 2004, Osaka City created the Basic Plan for the Development of the Osaka Station North District, while leveraging the winning ideas of the International Concept Competition in 2002. One of the basic policies for the Plan was the development of Knowledge Capital, a hub for knowledge creation activities.
The Knowledge Capital Planning Committee (chaired by Hideo Miyahara, then the president of Osaka University) was established to discuss the role of Knowledge Capital. The Committee produced the Recommendations for the Knowledge Capital Initiative in March 2005. The Knowledge Capital Promotion Office was established to deepen the discussion toward the realization of Knowledge Capital. In September 2005, the Office submitted the Knowledge Capital Promotion Office Report: Toward the realization of Knowledge Capital.
Based on the report, the Urban Renaissance Agency and Osaka City held a developers competition in 2006, through which the current developer for the Initiative was selected. Subsequently, private enterprises fleshed out the concept of the Initiative and a planning and operation organization was established in 2009 ahead of the opening of Knowledge Capital. After repeated trials to verify its functionality and provide feedback to the plan, Knowledge Capital finally opened in April 2013.

Knowledge Capital aims to become a hub for the generation and sharing of future lives by leveraging the high potential of The Umekita (Osaka station North district) district. By using cutting-edge knowledge (people, information, technology, and knowledge) as a resource under the theme of proposing, experiencing, and learning future lives, Knowledge Capital will create new knowledge through active interactions among people, goods, and information.

(Excerpts from the Knowledge Capital Promotion Office Report)


1987   With the Japanese National Railways (JNR) privatization reforms, JNR Settlement Corporation succeeded the Umeda Freight Terminal site.
2002 July The site was designated as an Urgent Urban Renewal Area.
  September The International Concept Competition was held (results announced in March 2003).
2004 March The Osaka Station North District Urban Development Promotion Council was established.
  July The Basic Plan for Osaka Station North District Urban Development was announced (by Osaka City).
  November The Osaka Station North District Urban Development Promotion Agency was established.
  December The Urban Plan for the First-phase Area (land readjustment, roads, etc.) was finalized.
2005 March The Urban Renaissance Agency concluded a site acquisition contract (approx. 3 ha).
  June The project plan for the Urban Readjustment Project was approved.
  October The recruitment of tenants for the core facilities of Knowledge Capital began (selection and announcement made in December 2005).
The groundbreaking ceremony for the Osaka Station North District Urban Renaissance site was held.
2006 February The urban plan with respect to the district plan and change of use was finalized.
The recruitment of developers for Blocks A, B, and C in the advance development zone began.
  May A prospective developer for Block B was selected.
  November Prospective developers for Blocks A and C were selected.
  December The Development Council for the advance development zone was established.
2007 April The preparatory committee for the establishment of KMO was launched.
  June Land transferred upon the conclusion of land transfer contracts for Blocks A, B, and C.
2008 February The urban plan with respect to special urban renaissance districts and alterations to the district plan was finalized.
2009 April Knowledge Capital Management Corporation (currently KMO Corporation) was established.
  September The preparatory committee for the establishment of TMO was launched.
2010 March Construction work started.
2011 February The Osaka Station North District was formally named Umekita.
  April Grand Front Osaka, the name for the project complex in the Umekita advanced development zone, and its logo were finalized.
2012 May Grand Front Osaka TMO was established.
  June Knowledge Capital Association was established.
2013 March Construction work was completed.
  April Opening.