We invite you to encounter the future in a showroom where you can touch, play, participate, and be inspired.

This is a showroom in which the future can be experienced. Perhaps most of you think of a showroom or shop as a place where you can see things or buy goods.
In the Future Life Showroom, the pleasure that comes from engaging in these two acts is enhanced by the value of participation. This showroom offers a new paradigm characterized not only by the way in which products, services, and information are introduced to visitors, but also by the manner through which excitement for what the future represents is delivered through direct experience.
Communications between companies and visitors will help shape a more updated future for all of us. Prepare to be thoroughly impressed.

Facility Information

Discover 21 different shops and services that provide five ways to experience the future. The Future Life Showroom also houses a wide selection of restaurants and cafés to enjoy.
Come experience a plethora of delights.
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