[Online Concert] 2020 Asia Traditional Orchestra's New Works Release

For the past decade, Asia Culture Center (ACC) has organized various projects to preserve and discover Asian traditional music and raise awareness of it through operating the Asian traditional music community. This year, as part of the contemporary content development for Asian traditional music, ACC promotes the ATO's expanding repertoires by composing new pieces on the theme of peace, harmony, and living together.

The yearly-held workshops and performances for Asian traditional musicians were canceled due to the COVID-19 in 2020. ACC sought an alternative in the crisis of international exchange projects and for the directly affected artists. ACC promoted solidarity in the Asian traditional music community by conducting non-face-to-face workshops with traditional musicians as a new international exchange and cooperation method. Furthermore, ACC decided to release new repertoires to expand artistic competencies, and for this purpose, produced a non-face-to-face performance video. In a situation where 37 performers could not gather in one place, every musician contributed to a process of non-face-to-face workshops, recording sound sources, and filming videos. Finally, thanks to the video technology, ACC created a scene as if the performers were physically together on one stage.

Through this creative process, participants had an opportunity to think anew about international exchange, its direction, and the value of art in the post COVID-19 era. Also, we wish to deliver a message of comfort and hope to everyone and artists worldwide through this online presentation of the ATO.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2021/1/22(Fri) 15:00
Theme [Online Concert] 2020 Asia Traditional Orchestra's New Works Release
Host Asia Culture Institute(Korea)
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