Solar Land Exhibition @ TCDC

The exhibition of solar energy displaying 30 innovative showcases around the world thru the journey of an interactive life-size monopoly game to show that solar power is our alternative energy for sustainable living.
To play by the rule, visitors represent 1 out of 4 characters of light hunters; hunting to save money, to have better living quality, to protect the planet, and to gain profits. Then, players need to collect points throughout the game to become solar millionaires by using their smartphone to scan the QR codes while interact with the prototypes, lifestyle products, and solar powered gadgets.
Another playful part in the Solar Land is “Sunlight Graffiti”; a dark room where visitors make their art using ‘Litter Sun’ or a portable sunflower-shape lamp designed by Olafur Eliasson. Visitors will complete their journey at the Solar Rooftop Garden to experience how the exhibits are actually powered by the sun.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2021/2/5(Fri) 18:00
Theme Solar Land Exhibition @ TCDC
Host Creative Economy Agency(Thailand)
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