Presentation: International Students Creative Award 2020

Knowledge Capital hosts 3 awards, Knowledge Innovation Award, World OMOSIROI Award and International Students Creative Award(ISCA), with an aim to highlight genuine talents and promote the creation of new value. In this session, we will have a close look at the latest edition of ISCA with a presentation of the winning works and a comentary by the judges.

ISCA is an international arts and information media competition for university, graduate school, and vocational school students. The competition consists of three categories: Domestic Video Content Category, International Video Content Category and Digital Content Category (Japan only).

Knowledge Capital places importance on embracing young sensibilities and talent that will be a major driving force in changing the future. We aim to discover and nurture young artists through presenting the award and networking with other award winners, the judges and related industries.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2021/4/9(Fri) 18:00
Theme Presentation: International Students Creative Award 2020
Host Knowledge Capital(Japan)
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