Explore Lunch and Learn Project

Forced by the limited budget on the school lunch, the menu students have is boring and repetitive. The systematic problem solving process i.e. Design Thinking therefore plays a role in solving these problems.

“Lunch and Learn Project” is the project that brought seasoned chefs to create nutritious lunch options for primary school students from locally sourced ingredients. The results are gourmet yet affordable meals that promote both mental and physical development.

The project is a part of Isan Creative Festival 2021 or ISANCF2021 under the concept of Isan Crossing. ISANCF2021 is the biggest creative festival held in Isan or Northeast Thailand, with the collaboration between private and public sectors, creators, businesses, local dwellers and more, to showcase their talented intellectual and cultural assets integration with creativity, design and innovation.

*Lunch and Learn Project
Venue: Mobile exhibition, moving around Khon Kaen such as schools, government agencies, markets, and public parks.
Date and Time: 11.00 - 20.00 hrs. / 6-15 August 2021

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2021/8/6(Fri) 18:00
Theme Explore Lunch and Learn Project
Host Creative Economy Agency(Thailand)
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