2021 ACC Social Design Lab : Relay Opentalk "Alternative Practice"

Relay Open Talk is a place to communicate and talk about sustainable creation (environmentally) through creators, designers, and influencers currently active in the creative field.

It is a program that tells the story of those who took action to prevent the climate crisis, such as these slogan- "There is no more room for the Earth," and "Now you have to act and change.". Presentation of alternative ways to practice in the process of operating offline festivals, exhibitions, and performance contents

1. Create new things with scraps - Piece of Piece : 6 co-representatives
2. The difference between a sheet of paper - Aloudlab : Kim Bo-eun, Kim So-eun
3. The war on disposables - Trashbusters : Gwak Jae-won

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2021/10/29(Fri) 15:00
Theme 2021 ACC Social Design Lab : Relay Opentalk "Alternative Practice"
Host Asia Culture Institute(Korea)
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