Braving the Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe challenges to the world. As early as February of 2020, a few young entrepreneurs at Cyberport realised their innovations could contribute to the fight against the virus. They swiftly put their passion into action with adapted applications, kickstarting the Braving the Epidemic movement. Today, Cyberports "Braving the Epidemic" movement has evolved into a selection over 70 applications to help fight the epidemic and respond to the new normal. Meanwhile, Cyberport has been actively connecting complementary start-ups and companies within the community to join forces and better serve the public. Through the power of technology, the movement continues to inject positive energy and impact into our society’s collective effort to navigate epidemic challenges, while providing a model for local and overseas companies or institutions to take reference from.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2022/08/19(Fri) 18:00
Theme Braving the Epidemic
Host Cyberport(Hong Kong)
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