[Exhibition] 2022 ACC FOCUS 《Aqua Paradiso》

2022 ACC FOCUS 《Aqua Paradiso》 is a fusion and complex exhibition that explores alternative relationships between aquatic ecosystems and humans.
The 11 local and foreign contemporary artists participate in this exhibition to introduce a variety of narrations centered around “water” that first appeared when humans lived through the era of mythology and legends, accompanied humans along the history of colonial exploitation, creates stories while existing in the human unconsciousness, serves as the absolute regulator to strike the perfect balance in the natural eco system, drives the universe as a physical organism, and plays the greatest role as a healer.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2022/11/25(Fri) 15:00
Theme [Exhibition] 2022 ACC FOCUS 《Aqua Paradiso》
Host Asia Culture Center Foundation(Korea)
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