Traditional Craft Innovation in Taiwan-4

A series of programs on how to inject creative energy into "traditional crafts" through the means of "design" in Taiwan, and how to flip and create greater value to their products.

Taking traditional Taiwanese crafts such as bamboo, ceramics, leather and fabrics as examples, we give a new look to traditional crafts through the creative ingenuity of designers.

As you know, Taiwan's traditional bamboo craftsmanship is famous all over the world. The environment is suitable for the growth of bamboo, making it the most readily available material. Therefore, the aborigines of Taiwan used bamboo in their daily lives, in food, clothing, housing and transportation, and as a building material, artifact, musical instrument, clothing and artwork.
However, with the advancement of civilization and the introduction of more materials, the bamboo industry is gradually declining.
After observing this trend, Mr. Dai Zheng-you, the director of Pu-Yuan Art Workshop, is committed to innovate and reform the bamboo industry.
In this episode, Mr. Dai will lead us to focus on the transformation of traditional bamboo crafting techniques in Taiwan.

Date & Time(GMT+9) 2022/12/09(Fri)18:00
Theme Traditional Craft Innovation in Taiwan-4
Host Taiwan Design Research Institute(Taiwan)
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