Global Startup Fes. 2022

With a view to creating a global startup community, Global Startup Fes. is a genuinely startup-oriented festival that participating startups present their features in the business, service, products and projects under the theme of ‘Green Recovery’.

This event aims to provide a unique opportunity for interaction to get acquaintance of startups and their latest activities, by connecting different startup communities in the world. It will help participants to better understand the global/local trends and circumstances around international startups.

Date: Monday, 30 May 2022
Time: 19:00-22:00 JST
Platform: YouTube Live (No registration required)

Participating Startups
AltoTech Co., Ltd.

AltoTech has developed the AIOT platform so called “Alto Energy Edge” to help hotels, buildings, and properties save money on electricity bill with IoT and AI algorithms.

Nominated by National Innovation Agency


ARTRACX is new art marketplace platform solution with provenance history tracking technology - extends the current art marketplace beyond auctions and discovery.

Nominated by Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong

CheongChunBalSan Cooperative

CheongChunBalSan Cooperative forms a village community and create a foundation for village culture & economy through a cooperative structure in everyday life.

Nominated by Asia Culture Center Foundation

Ecolotech Company Limited

EcoloTech is a save-earth technology company with the primary mission to democratize clean drinkable water to all by designing innovative products and ideas that can help people to skip bottled water and reduce its negative impact on carbon footprint.

Nominated by Creative Economy Agency

5% Design Action

5% Design Action Social Design Platform enourages designers and industrial professionals to invest a small amount of time (5%) and form interdisciplinary teams to contribute their expertise and skills through “open innovation” and “design thinking”.

Nominated by Taiwan Design Research Institute

Grow Your Own Cloud

Grow Your Own Cloud is a biotech organization exploring how we might enable clean data solutions through DNA data storage, with the mission to transform data centres from carbon creators to carbon absorbers working with nature as a technology.

Nominated by Ars Electronica


Kentyou helps cities and innovators exploit digital innovations and build smarter urban environments.

Nominated by CEA Leti


Empowering a circular future through upcycling technologies turning waste into immediate solutions for our planet. MINIWIZ leverages experience, design, engineering, and sustainable materials to provide circular ESG solutions.

Nominated by Taiwan Design Research Institute


Neovya provides advanced data intelligence & simulation solutions to accelerate the transition towards a smoother, safer and low carbon mobility.

Nominated by TUBA

Podconn Limited

Podconn is about the edge devices design/management and data analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) helps to improve operational performance and efficiency.

Nominated by Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong

Semco Co., Ltd.

Semco is a leading distributor of pest management products and provides AI-based pest monitoring system - Pest Vision that reduces the use of hazardous pesticides as much as possible.

Nominated by Knowledge Capital Association


Skipt is a global design agency based in Paris that set up an ecosystem where resources and users come together to achieve maximum ecological, conceptual and practical coherence.

Nominated by Centre des arts

Wada Bento

Wada Bento is a Decentralized Foodservice Platform enabling foodservice operators to expand their sales channels extensively using our hot-chain bento robot technology.

Nominated by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

Representative Commentators
Ars Electronica Hideaki Ogawa Futurelab Co Director
Asia Culture Center Foundation Seonok Kim President
CEA Leti Laurent Herault Vice President | Europe
Centre des arts Dominique Roland Director
Creative Economy Agency Pichit Virankabutra Deputy Director
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited Billy Chung Manager – Industry and International Partnership
Knowledge Capital Association Keisuke Innami Chief Assistant to General Producer
National Innovation Agency Pun-Arj Chairatana Executive Director
Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong Gary Yeung President
Taiwan Design Research Institute Oliver Lin Vice President
WACANO Christophe Poupart Director Gereral
TUBA Frédéric Lecoin Director
Invitation Offers to Participating Startups
  • Ars Electronica

    Ars Electronica Festival 2022 Festival Pass

    All Participating Startups

  • Asia Culture Center Foundation

    A human exchange program in connection with domestic startups

    All Participating Startups

  • CEA Leti

    *To be confirmed*

  • Centre des arts

    One-week residency in 2023 in collaboration with one of the startups of the Numeric lab (NL)

    1 selected Participating Startup

  • Creative Economy Agency

    An invitation to Bangkok Design Week 2023 with a dedicated showcase space and publicity on CEA's PR communication platforms

    1 selected Participating Startup

  • Cyberport

    A fast-track access to Cyberport Creative Micro Fund - Professional Program or Cyberport Incubation Programme presentation final in October 2022

    1 selected Participating Startup

  • Knowledge Capital

    One-year Knowledge Salon membership and the related business-matching/coordination service

    All Participating Startups

  • National Innovation Agency

    Application for a startup visa (fast track smart visa) to enter and work in Thailand and an invitation to workshops with startup ecosystems in Thailand

    1 selected Participating Startup

  • Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong

    One year of corporate membership in Smart City Consortium with accessibility to free/ discounted tickets for SCC and related events, tours, member newsletters and updates, reports, papers and articles on Smart City, etc.

    All Participating Startups

  • Taiwan Design Research Institute

    A copy of the TDRI 2021 Annual Report and the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award Handbook

    All Participating Startups

  • TUBA

    A visit to TUBA and meetings with stakeholders of their local ecosystem

    All Participating Startups


    A six-month coworking residency in one of its incubators in the Paris region; Paris Soleillet in Paris 20, Hubstart Center in Roissy CDG Airport, OrlyTech in Orly Airport, and Workstation in La Défense

    2 selected Participating Startups

Very Important Audience
  • Asia Culture Center (Korea)

  • Cap Digital (France)

  • EthAum Venture Partners (Singapore)

  • FabCafe Bangkok (Thailand)


  • Invest in Grenoble Alpes (France)

  • Ministry of the Ecological Transition (France)

  • NewChip Accelerator (The U.S.)

  • ORIX Corporation UK Limited (The U.K.)

  • Plug and Play Japan (Japan)

  • Quantum Leaps Capital Partners (Japan)

  • TILKEE (France)

  • UNESCO Bangkok (Thailand)