Salon Event Report

Thursday Salon Report

Theme :
Seek a trend of creativities in the world.

Date of event: November 20th, 2014

This (The) award, organized by Knowledge Capital, is designed to “seek a trend of creativities in the world.” We held a special Thursday Salon with the award judges, Cynthia Beth Rubin, Pat Lee, Gerfried Stocker.

Knowledge Donor Interview

  • What did you think about ISCA
  • Gerfried Stocker
    Representing very good way of spirit of Knowledge Capital. For me it was very interesting and valuable discussion. I think the selection of the people was very impressive. Variety of works was brought and the quality of every works was excellent. It was difficult to decide which project to choose. It was nice to see international works from so many different countries.
    Pat Lee
    I think it’s a great opportunity for students to share the works. All the students are all different types of genres and you can see the passion they put it into it.This year there are some works really incredible that honestly they touched me, like wow! I thought “it’s amazing, you should make this in movie or animation”. The technology becomes more flexible. With technology you have the ability to grow even more with your creativity.
    Cynthia Beth Rubin
    I’m really excited to meet young people who did the works because reviewing them was really wonderful. I love their works so I want to find out what they are thinking, what do they want to find for next, where there are going.
  • What did you think about KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL
  • Gerfried Stocker
    It’s the place where brings the creative inspired people together. Knowledge Capital is the place to bring the people from Kansai region, Tokyo, who comes here to attend events and also international people. This is very necessary place where very different types of people are allowed to get together. Sharing the same place with all the young artists, engineers, developers have huge potential. It’s a valuable concept.
    Pat Lee
    What they are doing already is amazing. Knowledge Capital provides creative individual, it’s great facilities for creative people to get involved. I think it’s great that Knowledge Capital supports the creative movement.
    Cynthia Beth Rubin
    I think it is really important. The challenge is how to get the engineers and the builders and the developers to come to artist. I hope get engineers meeting the artist. I hope Knowledge Capital does that.The energy of Knowledge Capital is wonderful. If Knowledge Capital could actually find the way to bring the engineers and developers to contact to the artists, it would be really good. I think just getting people together isn’t enough.