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  • 2019.05.23
  • Slow Fish and the slow recovery of Genoa intertwined
With the collapse of the Morandi bridge last August, which made the news across the world, Genoa was left with an open wound and needs a new piece of city for a new, conscious and contemporary development. Genoa needs a new bridge, a new life, and many projects have been presented so far for the reconstruction of the bridge over the Polcevera river but, so far, they only started to demolish what is left of the old bridge and no defined project is yet into place.
Nonetheless, Genoa is slowly but surely recovering from this loss and many events organized at the end of last year and this year are aiming at collecting money for those who lost their homes or a loved one in this tragedy.
Many events in Genoa are participating in promoting awareness so this tragedy may not be forgotten, but it could rather become a starting point for the ‘rebirth’ of the city.
One of such events is Slow Fish, which will return to Genoa, like every year, to host delegates from a network of fishermen, cooks, researchers and activists arriving from five continents to animate the event organized by Slow Food and the Liguria Region.
It is a truly affordable experience for every family and there is much to learn about our seas, the fishermen techniques and the fishing tradition in our beautiful region.
It’s an event dedicated to those who love fish and seafood and all those who want to learn more about fish consumption, its effects on health and the impact of fishing on marine ecosystems, in a city and a territory that today more than ever wishes to promote itself, thanks also to the agreements between the Liguria Region, the Municipality of Genoa and the Genoa Chamber of Commerce.
The topics for this 2019 edition, as per its program (available online), are the good behaviors that contribute to mitigate the impact of mass fishing on global warming, the fight against disposable plastic, the value of biodiversity, the conscious choices that make us gain in taste and health, food security and the importance of knowing how to read labels on food products.

Eataly is one of the locations of Slow Fish

About twenty artisanal fishermen and nine cooks have decided to gather to make the wealth of these seas known and raise awareness of the importance of traditional fishing practices that respect the sea and the work of local communities. These sea protagonists have joined forces to create an association and organize a festival of seafood and artisanal fishing, an annual opportunity to combine good food, conviviality and in-depth moments on the problems of the sea and reckless fishing which is becoming a true issue in our seas and worldwide.
} This great event will take place between Porto Antico and Piazza Caricamento, in the maritime heart of Genoa at the beginning of May just like for its other past editions. The event focuses on a careful management of fishing as a global and essential resource, crucial to guarantee life and food for future generations.

‘Branzino alla ligure’ a typical white fish recipe

Other than covering many issues related to the environment and climate changes, the event always offers gourmet appointments, lunch and dinner menus created by Italian and international chefs in the Eataly Genoa venue and at the grounds of the festival with tastings and workshops to learn and explore products by stimulating the senses while listening to the stories of those who produced them. The Slow Fish fest also hosts events by cooking schools for adults and families for the sake of learning more and more about the marine world and discover the secrets of the sea.
In addition to producers who offer fresh and preserved fish, salts and spices, extra virgin olive oils and preserves, the market also comes alive with a real kitchen, where every day you can enjoy quick and different regional preparations, discovering their history and peculiarities.
And it wouldn't be Slow Fish without food stalls, food trucks and a beer garden in the outdoor gorgeous setting of the old port of Genoa.

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