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  • 2019.11.06
  • Halloween blog by Gian
Halloween, which is celebrated on the night of October 31st, for many is an American creepy and tacky holiday for kids who like to go around dressed up in costumes and beg for candies but, if you do some research, you’ll read that Halloween has very ancient origins and was not imported from the United States as many think: its history and its origins are European, precisely Celtic, very far from tradition and vision that we have today of this day, since the horror, the macabre and the masks have taken over at a later time.
Halloween is almost upon us and it will be celebrated on Thursday this year.
Here in London we are starting to see spider webs, monsters and pumpkins invading the storefronts of most shops and many houses.
Even the coffees in the coffee shops are pumpkin spice flavoured to give your latte a taste of autumn.
So that can only mean one thing, get ready for your witch hat, add vampire fangs and start honing your horror makeup skills, because this year he has plenty of choices to celebrate Halloween in London.
Some are mainstream ideas, others are a little off the beaten track to make this Halloween a memorable and devilishly scary night to remember!
At the Greenwich Market you'll find scary fashion shows, scary make-ups, pumpkin carvings…but it is especially famed for its two Halloween dog shows.
The first is a dog fashion show with The Dog Society in which tame puppies can strut their stuff.
The second part is a competition in which dogs will compete for a prize for the best disguised dog and the dog which mostly resembles its owner.
If you love dogs and Halloween then do not miss this appointment!
If instead you prefer an incredibly macabre expedition around one of the most beautiful homes in the country, the Hampton Court Palace is teeming with paranormal stories and it's the best time of the year to go out and hear them.
Just think of video surveillance footage of the palace and its very scary wings and apartments haunted by a Tudor Royal Nurse.
At the London Zoo, to celebrate Halloween, they organize a scary activity in which children dress up, learn to cast a spell and listen to stories and carve pumpkins together while watching the animals.
London is a metropolitan city and of course there are many parties in town.
A party to try is the 90s and Buffy against vampires scheduled every Halloween.
At this themed party, you'll be able to try drawing with the maestros of drawing at Art Macabre, watching screenings of the iconic episodes of many horror-themed and scary tv series and sip delicious special cocktails while dancing the night away with vampires invading the dance floor.
The dress code is, of course, classy Sunnydale.

Another option is to go to the Vault.
The Vault is a cultural space located under the Waterloo subway station, in the famous graffiti tunnel, under Leake Street.
To celebrate Halloween, The Vaults is organizing a strange evening during which the dead will come out to dance to live music but the atmosphere is a bit more artsy.

Just like the key ceremony, the haunted tour of the Tower of London is an unusual activity to do on Halloween at the most visited monument in the capital without the hordes of tourists.

During this night tour, you will be accompanied by a Yeoman Warder who will give you many anecdotes about this prison through stories of torture and execution which truly happened here.
It’s basically history mixed up with horror.


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