World OMOSIROI Award


About WOA

Outline of the World OMOSIROI Award (WOA)

An international award to spread the concept of "OMOSIROI," a core value of Knowledge Capital. The award showcases people from around the world whose pioneering activities and ideas epitomize "OMOSIROI" (fun and interesting), and is Knowledge Capital's way of sharing this value with the world.

What is "OMOSIROI" that Knowledge Capital presume?

OMOSIROI is a Japanese word, which has various meanings as ‘interesting’, ‘funny’, ‘amusing’, and ‘convivial’ in English. However, OMOSIROI, as a core value of Knowledge Capital, signifies the Knowledge Innovation, and that is to say, the most fundamental human sensibility originated from heart-moving experience with unexpected discoveries and inspiring encounters. It is the driving force to accelerate pleasure and curiosity regardless of nationality, gender, and age. At present, the society has reached a transition period, and not the existing standard of values, but a novel point of view and criterion are required. Now that the values are very much diverse, Knowledge Capital is aiming to create the future full of creativity through OMOSIROI as the most fundamental human sensibility.