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Visiting Sydney is always a wonderful experience, but when you have many days available you shouldn't miss the Blue Mountains.
From Sydney’s central station, there is a train which leaves every couple of hours to reach the villages of the Blue Mountains.
About two hours from Sydney, you can reach the Blue Mountains and the really surprising thing is that in such a short time the landscape changes radically, no more tall buildings, buses and trams but only trees, lots of trees appear and in the distance, one true spectacle of nature, one can see the “Three Sisters”. They are a sandstone rock conformation declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The best viewpoint in the area is Echo Point. From this viewpoint you have a unique panorama.
The Blue Mountains are an ancient mountainous complex and today it would be better to define them as a plateau, consisting of several natural reserves and parks. It is an environment that has preserved, due to its particular geological conformation, numerous animal and plant species.

Before visiting this area, I thought it was a place just for tourists and I thought that the name blue mountains was given to attract more visitors but once I got to visit the place myself I realized why it is called so! And to better understand it, the best option is to see the place from an aerial perspective.
These mountains, when seen from above, have a blue hue and this depends on the presence in the air of eucalyptus oil released from the many eucalyptus trees, which in this region are among the most widespread with over ninety different species.
The landscape is blue, and many areas, in the woods and among the canyons, are immersed in a bluish air that clearly alters the colours.
The region is also full of hiking trails, from the easiest ones (which are flat and short) to the hardest ones (with the best views).
The main and most touristic destination in the reserve is Katoomba. Once you have left the station, there are numerous public and tourist shuttle buses available to reach the trails or the numerous panoramic points. I think that's why we chose to go down to Blackheath: fewer tourists, fewer services, a bit more complicated and tiring but worth it. We had read on the train that in this area there were some of the most evocative trails, and it happened that we found our accommodation right here.
We rented a very cosy room with a view of a wonderful garden: Japanese magnolias blooming everywhere, and despite those days the temperature fluctuated between 12 and 19 Celsius degrees (no more!) Spring had exploded making the surroundings a colourful palette of flowers!
The variety, the nuances, the intensity of the light was incredible!
The village is very small and simple and Katoomba is certainly more organized for tourists. That said, the shops and the only open pub, full of old people with beer, made it truly suggestive.
Nearby there is an ancient rainforest, surrounded by huge ferns, very high eucalyptus, redwood trees, deep canyons and waterfalls.

The park is divided into three areas, each with a specific attraction.
Skyway is the best one of all: a huge yellow cable car, suspended at 260 meters, with a glass floor which offers a 360° beautiful views of the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters and the Katoomba Falls.
Alternatively there is a walkway, and here we are inside a Jurassic rainforest, here you can take different types of walking routes immersed in nature.
I personally chose the longest route of 2.5 kilometres to fully enjoy the landscape.
The scenic railway boasts the steepest passenger railway in the world: 52° of slope and it’s indeed so steep that it is difficult to hold on to your seat as you descend through the two rock sides and then come out into the rainforest. Surely the journey is worth it for a bit of adrenaline!



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