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  • Best neighbourhoods in Sydney
Let’s start by saying that Sydney is beautiful everywhere you go.
From its famous bay, the heart of downtown, to its most hidden corners, Sydney is truly amazing. Don't expect to find the shabby suburbs that you see in many metropolises surrounded by ugly high-rises, in Sydney every neighborhood is a little gem, with well-kept houses and gardens, great green parks and breathtaking views.
But in the end some neighborhoods are my real favourites.
Here is my list of the 5 most beautiful neighbou rhoods in Sydney according to me.

Very stylish neighbourhood with vintage markets, Glebe is a neighborhood to be discovered.
It is very close to the city center (10 minutes on foot) and it is located right in the middle of two university campuses, it is called the literary district of Sydney.
Here the houses are mostly of colonial architecture (reminiscent of the Victorian style but even nicer), with internal courtyards (backyards), large windows and stairways at the entrance.
Its inhabitants often meet up at the various cafés along the main road, where there is a relaxed and community atmosphere. There are several coffee shops hidden on the back of second-hand bookstores, very special, with a nice atmosphere and great coffee.
The Saturday market in Glebe attracts the whole city: here you will find a mix of vinyls, jewels, paintings, second-hand clothes and excellent street food.

I loved Balmain for its wonderful views of the city. It is located on a small hill to the west of the city center and is therefore slightly raised above the sea level. For this reason, wherever you are in the neighborhood, you will be struck by beautiful glimpses of Sydney Bay that suddenly appear between one house and another.
This area is also known for a strong presence of Italian immigrants and, thanks to them, it can boast numerous coffee shops and restaurants of excellent quality. Walking along its main street (Darling Street) you will find plenty of them where it is worth taking a coffee break.
Balmain is also the perfect spot to see fireworks over the bay, whether it happens on New Year's Eve or during Australia day, bring a towel and lie down on a lawn to enjoy an unforgettable show.

Once home to Sydney's clothing factories, this lively district of the city has transformed industrial warehouses into luxury exhibition spaces and uptown apartments. In the area south of central Sydney, the streets are lined with jacaranda trees, luxury boutiques and restored townhouses that create a contrast with the area’s colorful and picturesque bars.
Crown Street is without any doubt the shopping paradise of Surry Hills, but the most characteristic feature of the area is the ever-changing food scene. Here are some of the best bars in the city, and if you want to accompany your drink with a brunch, choose among the most popular historic venues on this street.

In the district of Coogee there is my favorite beach, less frequented than the well-known Bondi beach, but still very beautiful. Climbing up the hill to the left of the beach, you will find yourself in a park that ends with a cliff overlooking the ocean. This is where the famous Coastal Walk begins, stretching from Coogee to Bondi.
Coogee is ideal for a Sunday afternoon with friends, a picnic in the park, a swim in its rock pool (a gorgeous rock pool fed by ocean water), and then wait for the evening while watching the sunset.

Marrickville is a multicultural neighborhood of Sydney's Inner West side and it is an extraordinary mix of busy main streets, artisan producers, converted warehouses and some of the best brunch venues in the city.
Just 20 minutes south-west from the center of Sydney, beer lovers can spend days discovering Marrickville's craft breweries.
During the weekend, the Addison Road Community Center hosts the Marrickville Market, where there are organic producers from local areas and stalls selling vintage products and street food.





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