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It is true that when we think of Australia the first things that come to mind are probably not the museums but, our capital city Sydney is one of the world cities which stands out for its rich cultural offer.
The city has an impressive number of almost 200 museums.
One of the main museums in the city is the MCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art), located in the old Maritime Services building, right in the centre of the business district. The museum was created on the basis of the legacy of John Power, a man who sold his private art collection to the University of Sydney for the sole purpose of informing and educating Australians about international contemporary art.
The MCA exhibits, collects and interprets modern and contemporary art and it has more than 7000 works by avant-garde artists and it represents modern art in all its forms: sculptures, paintings, engravings, films, lithographs and temporary exhibits.
It also exhibits a great collection of modern days Aboriginal art which is both traditional and modern and such art pieces come from young local artists and artists living in aboriginal communities all around the country.
My very favourite museum here though is the Australian Museum.
It is particularly interesting if you love animals, and more specifically dinosaurs, because you can discover the incredible world of fauna present and prehistoric too! It is one of the most complete museums in the city where you can learn about the flora, fauna, minerals, fossils and unique cultures of Australia and the Pacific region in specific.
The Australian Museum is one of the best places to find information on the Pacific Islands and Australia but also on Asia, Africa and America, combined with elements of Aboriginal culture, such as toys that used to belong to aboriginal children or even a tattooed head. This museum is generally recommended for families with children and it is very common to see school groups visiting it during weekdays.
Also, the New South Wales Art Gallery is one of Australia's largest and most visited museums. It is just a five-minute walk from Sydney city centre and it is located inside the Domain gardens. Inside, you can find up to 30 annual exhibitions, in addition to a permanent collection of Aboriginal and Asian art, photographs, European art and contemporary art by Australian and international artists. In addition, the museum hosts cultural meetings and numerous events are organized within it, such as art competitions dedicated to very young talents.
Housed in a former power plant which gives it the nickname of Powerhouse Museum, the MAAT (Museum of Applied Arts and Technology) offers a collection of thousands of objects, several permanent exhibition spaces and many interactive exhibitions. This museum covers science, technology, creativity and decorative arts with permanent exhibits that include interactive displays, experiments and vehicles, included and not limited to a steam locomotive from the 1800 and a steam engine from the 18th century.
Last but not least, it is worth to mention the Sydney Museum or Museum of Sydney.
It is a place charged with historical meaning and it is located in a building in which the seat of the first government used to be. Built in 1788 by Governor Arthur Phillip, it was the home of the first nine governors of New South Wales.
The MOS (Museum of Sydney) offers a combination of avant-garde installations and exhibitions that change from time to time. A giant screen occupying the entire height of the building shows the development of the city throughout the decades. This place is also said to be the first place of contact between the indigenous people and the first British fleet landing in Australia and the museum also offers a large exhibition on colonization.


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