• 2020.05.28
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How can we spend our time in quarantine?
Being under quarantine can be frightening and boring and the Australian government suggestions on how to cope with it include talking to the other members of the family about the infection to understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) and reduce anxiety other than keeping up a normal daily routine as much as possible.
They also say it’s a good idea to think about how you have coped with difficult situations in the past and reassure yourself that you will get over this situation too. We also must remember that quarantine won’t last for long and try to keep in touch with family members and friends using the telephone, video calls or the social media.
The government recommends to exercise regularly by downloading and following some exercises training apps. Other physical activities recommended are dancing, yoga, walking around the backyard or using some kind of home exercise equipment.
They recommend this in my opinion because exercising is a proven treatment against stress disorders and depression and I think it’s a good idea to keep fit since we are all cooking and eating much more now than before especially if one is alone in the house.
Being confined at home for an extended period can cause boredom, stress and conflict among family members and some suggestions include treating quarantine as an opportunity to do some of those things you never usually have time for such as board games, crafts, drawing, reading or studying something new. Many are the online certifications available now and many of them are now offering discounts, free enrolment or reduced fees.
They say to limit the use of television and technology not only not to become obsessed with the news but also because they can lead to laziness and apathy.
I think that technology can also be used in the correct way though to study something, watch documentaries, visit museums online but also to watch a nice film or TV series because we do deserve some relaxation and rest after all.
The trailers of films coming out are now advertising the films on streaming which is great and at the same time kind of scary because it makes you feel like this lockdown is going to last a very long time.
We might not be able to go to the restaurant right now or get together with friends but we are definitely cooking a lot more so some famous Australian chefs are giving online cooking classes to fight boredom and eat some yummy foods we once could get by eating out.
South Australian chef Maggie Beer is one of them and she chose to offer online streaming cooking classes from her home in the Barossa Valley (one of the most famous wine valleys here in Australia).
The acclaimed chef shares her recipes and cooking tips trying to bring some joy to the Australian population and people around the world during this lockdown.

Personally my routine is as follows now.
After having a rich – and not always very healthy breakfast – I do some meditation or I take a short run in the woods in my backyard before I start working remotely from home.
In my spare time I like to watch films on streaming or on my smart TV and I’m occasionally reading a book or playing a table game. My favourite table games are now the travel quizzes cards (the only travel we can do for now) and the portable escape rooms.
The latter are similar to the escape rooms where they lock you in a room and you must solve some enigmas to get out, in these games you must solve some enigmas using cards and the online app and it’s fun in two people or more but it can also be played by a single player (although it gets harder).
They are quite popular in Australia now and they are super fun because they get your mind off things!
At least from that room we can try to escape now!


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