• 2020.06.30
  • Working in Australia?? A dream come true.
More and more people are looking at Australia as a new promised land although it’s not that easy to be able to work in Australia for all professionals. But there is no doubt that working in Australia is not impossible and there are jobs in high demand.
A land dreamed of by many workers all around the globe, Australia in recent years has received a boom of visa applications, also because in Australia, even now during the Covid 19 economic crisis, unemployment rate is luckily very low. If you ever decide to move to OZ, you’ll be able to find at least some good part-time employment and you will be able to self-finance your experience in the land of kangaroos whether you are here for a short time or if you decide to build the foundations for your long-term stay here. Depending on your age, specialization and aspirations, a wide range of possibilities opens up before you.
Working Down Under, as Australia is often called, will be a fabulous experience: the country is constantly growing, especially economic, and the quality of life is really high. Furthermore, thanks to this professional experience you will probably be noticed by many important companies in your sector worldwide.
Incredible but true, in Australia there are professions that nobody wants to do. Or at least Australians don't want to do them or aren't trained enough or prepared to do them, and for this reason they are an excellent opportunity for foreigners who want to find work in Australia. For this reason, on the official Australian government website there is a list of the jobs required in Australia, which is called Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations. It is a list of professions for which demonstrable experience, diploma or degree (depending on the job) and a good level of English is required. Here are the most interesting jobs requested in Australia on this list:
…among others…
Of course, it is not as simple as it seems, it is not enough to be an architect or a doctor to be able to move to Australia forever. In all cases it takes a high or very high level and it is necessary to go through the recognition of the profession, which often requires the integration of university exams or attending a course in Australia.
Lately, among the most requested job sectors, at least for foreigners in Australia, there are those related to teaching, information technology and finance.
Deciding to work in Australia is a decision that must be made with some awareness. Especially the one linked to the real possibilities of finding a job. For this reason, it is useful to know which are the most requested jobs and those in which it is more likely to find a sponsor and, therefore, those for which it makes sense to apply for a visa. The most requested job is, in absolute, that of developer programmer, that is, the computer programmer, job for which the wages can also even to exceed 100 thousand Australian dollars of salary.
Among the most requested jobs in the service sector is the cook and the manager of a restaurant or bar, that is, the one who has responsibility for management. In this case too, salaries depend on the excellence and qualifications (and spoken English).
There are currently excellent opportunities for management consultant professionals called upon to reorganize and optimize company strategies and their ability to produce competitively. Job opportunities in the healthcare sector are growing. Here the possibilities for figures equivalent to general practitioners and, if in hospital, to general practitioners are more than discrete.
Accounting professionals and general accountants are also in great demand within the company. A much more complex figure than he could have been in the past because the skills he must have are more complex: not only accountants but also IT and with knowledge of company management. There are also highly requested figures with high and qualified technical skills, possibly of engineering training.
To conclude, there are good job opportunities for customer service managers and sales marketing experts: both figures linked to sales and customer assistance. By now the corporate world is extremely product and customer oriented and, thanks also to the use of online communication, the number of competitors is much wider. This is why professional sales and customer service figures are needed.


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