• 2020.08.17
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Birdwatching is a cool activity all over the world but in Australia it definitely takes a notch up I think.
Australia is a birdwatcher’s paradise. From a guidebook I learned that in Australia there are more than 800 species of birds, considered those living on Lord Howe Island, on the Norfolk Islands and on Christmas Island.

The magpie -
The magpies wake us up in the morning with their extraordinary voice, similar to accordions with a metallic tone, almost synthesized. Their singing is beautiful and if you try to imitate it, the magpie will look at you and it may even answer to you to your great satisfaction.
During the nesting seasons they are considered dangerous as they can be if you pass by one of their nests by accident they may chase you down the road to send you away with their beaks. The problem is that their nests are on the ground so you may accidentally step on one or pass by one without even noticing!
Some say that holding an open umbrella with big eyes drawn on it is the safest way to drive them away as they may think you are a very big predator.
During my morning jogging, I at times come across some crested pigeons, a species of turtledoves with a dark crest and colourful wings, which together with the white and black ibises every morning graze in the field near my home.

The parrots -
The first people who noticed the incredible fauna of Australia were the European explorers.
They immediately noticed and recorded all the animal species and immediately noticed how many birds were present here and nowhere else.
There are many species of parrots in Australia for example the very noble Australian King parrot. Little known outside this continent although it is very common throughout its eastern part, it is among the most loved birds by the locals, a symbol of well-being and excellent health of parks and gardens (also thanks to a pleasant chirping that, unlike many parrots, does not shatter human eardrums).
The King is the only Australian parrot with a completely red head, or at least that of the male since the female, on the other hand, is green and appears to be only a bird wearing red pants.
The king keeps a low profile and always flies low, among the branches, where it is easy for us to spot and he often surrounds himself with numerous crimson roselle birds which he probably mistakes for private bodyguards.

Kookaburra -
The Kookaburra birds live exclusively in Australia and are members of the kingfisher family. There are two types: one which lives mainly in the bush of Eastern Australia, and the blue-winged kookaburra, found in mangrove swamps in northern Australia. The kookaburra lives in family groups that defend their territory from other birds.
Kookaburras generally nest in hollow trees that have a large opening on the front and if the hole is too narrow, generally the kookaburra widens it with its wide and strong beak. An adult female kookaburra can lay one to six bluish greenish eggs during one season and the eggs generally hatch after twenty-five days.
Kookaburras have a varied diet: their favourite food is lizards and snakes but they also appreciate insects, fish, frogs and mice. Kookaburras have a keen sight and are fierce hunters and when they catch a prey they hit it against a tree or a rock to kill it.
Also known as "snickering donkey", the kookaburra is the largest in the kingfisher family and is characterized by an unusual distinctive verse, similar to a laugh, which owes its name. Early in the morning, just before sunrise, and in the late afternoon, at sunset, you can hear him singing at the top of his lungs. They are thought to have six different calls, each of which signals something to other family members or intruders.



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