• 2020.11.17
  • A short trip to Byron Bay
I am trying to keep a positive spirit but it is hard with this virus situation affecting the whole world.
Not many know that but, here in Australia, there are cross-border restrictions and when we talk about borders, we are not referring to the international border which has been closed for months now, but the local state borders we have here in OZ.
For those who do not know, Australia is divided into 6 states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.
Here in Sydney we do not have so many Coronavirus cases and I think they are lifting the restrictions to travel to and from Queensland and I hope so because I would love to visit Byron Bay again this Christmas.
“Cheer up, slow down, chill out” is the motto of the 5,000 inhabitants of this small town on the east coast of Australia, in the state of New South Wales. Byron Bay is the ideal place for those who want to relax and enjoy Australia's natural beauty.
Byron Bay is a seaside place. The walk to the lighthouse is very nice and the simplest thing is to park and have a pleasant walk up to the hills behind the beach.
Byron Bay offers plenty of choices but Lennox Head is my favourite place.
In Lennox Head there are excellent Italian restaurants and since I miss good Italian food very much, I would love to go to one of those.
I love Byron Bay because, in my opinion, it is the only place in Australia where you can truly breathe the hippie atmosphere and the real Aussie vibe everyone expects to enjoy in this country.
Some beaches like Bondi in Sydney are way to crowded and touristy to feel this atmosphere but this is what Australia is really about.
Byron Bay is a place for hippies and surfers and it’s full of small cute boutiques which sell beachwear and handmade trinkets. Furthermore, it is the town with Australia's highest concentration of bookstores.
Along the main street there are some more expensive boutiques and mainstream shops, but it is difficult to find large shopping centres here which are characteristic of large Australian cities.
The easternmost point of Australia, called Cape Byron, is found here and it is marked by a lighthouse which was built in 1901.
The promontory was first sighted and baptized by James Cook himself and it is surrounded by fifty kilometres of stretches of white sand.
Byron Beach is wide and sandy while south of the lighthouse are Tallow beach and Broken Head, surrounded by greenery and rocky but there are beaches as far as the eye can see that bring together aspiring explorers, surfers and even nudists given the presence of a nude beach.
The promontory is the perfect backdrop for a picture of Byron Bay as it is an incredible viewpoint – though very windy!!
Byron Bay is a great place for those who seek a laid-back lifestyle because it is the perfect place to relax, surf, do some yoga and chill. The summer season, from September to March, is certainly when Byron Bay is at its busiest and the job opportunities increase.
It’s the hippie land, and this is also perhaps why a lot of artists come from here either because they were born here or because they opened their first art studio in this town.
Byron Bay is famous among Aussies and foreigners alike and some agencies here organize kayak excursions in the bay that allow you to closely observe dolphins and turtles, a truly unique experience!
For those who love walking in the open air, I recommend going up to the lighthouse: there are various paths that wind through the woods and allow, in less than an hour, to reach the top of the hill.



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