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I wanted to write an article about Australian fashion since I noticed from the very start that Aussies dress very differently from Italian people but, to be very honest, I don’t know much about fashion or how to approach the topic being a man.
I just know Italian clothes are not as baggy, as casual (especially in the work environment) and that Italian girls in particular do pay more attention to brand names and trends that they do here.
For this article I therefore decided to ‘interview’ my girlfriend – who is Italian as well - so I asked Sara a few questions…and here they are:

“How would you define Australian taste when it comes to clothing? Do Australians have a keen sense of fashion and what distinguishes them from the Italian one?”
“From the first days here in Sydney I immediately noticed something different in terms of style. One of the first details that struck me was undoubtedly the men's coloured socks. And I'm not talking about teenagers or boys’ ones, but adults who wear “socks” in unique colours and patterns under classic ankle-length trousers!
Speaking of fancy men's suits, I noticed that even when it comes to colours, Australians can be really extravagant! From mint green shirts matched with an orange tie, or a red and blue striped polo shirt work with khaki shorts: a true rainbow of choices that testifies they have a decidedly fresher and more casual look than the canonical grey, black, brown or blue suit shades that the average Italian worker chooses to go to the office. Or he’s asked/forced to choose for what matters.”

“What is the women’s perception of fashion here in Sydney?”

“As for women's trends, if you come to Sydney you will realize how popular the high waist skirts and trousers are here; very high-waisted skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts, here everything must be worn at least two or three spans higher than the height we are used to in Italy. It is also true for us that the low waist is out of fashion but the fashion of the high waist has never fully taken off in Italy, I can say it as a seller and as an expert in jeans fashion too.
Sydney girls have a real love for the high life, a love that makes them forget even the tragic consequences of those who cannot afford a high life. LOL
Because let's face it this fateful high waist is not really good for everyone, despite the fact that most Australians are tall, slender and thin, not all of them are!”

“What can you tell me about footwear?”

“You will surely see many people on the streets without shoes. Well, maybe not in the city centre but Australians often feel a sudden urge to walk barefoot, without any constriction, including flip flops, socks or stilettos. Bare feet, shoes in hand and no fear of accumulating dirt under your feet, no worry of finding your feet sore the next day or worse. I admit that it has never happened to me to ask an Australian why this unusual custom. Will it be the desire to feel in communion with mother earth, a desire for freedom, or simply a sudden warmth in the feet.
It's because we live by the beach I guess, because the temperature is always nice, because the roads are very nice and proper and because sometimes girls wear heels that are way too high…I guess these are the most common reasons too.”

“What about other accessories?”
“Another feature that distinguishes the population of Sydney and I believe Australia in general because of the climate it possesses, is the abundant use of hats and sunglasses of all shapes and sizes. Here, wearing a hat and glasses is almost a must, given the temperatures and the scorching sun in both summer and winter. Alongside the classic sports hat, elegant wide-brimmed hats and Indiana Jones caps are not uncommon, which protect the face and head well, often accompanied by eccentric and colourful sunglasses that are inevitable in the bag of every Australian woman. as well as for men, who are no less trendy.

“How do you imagine the average young Australian dressed like?”.

“Sunglasses, swimsuit, sports t-shirt and a surfboard under the arm. But, I can't really deny that this image doesn't correspond to the truth. The typical Australian sports an enviable tan (often their complexion is more red than golden honey), a towel always tucked into his backpack and a great desire to surf and stay on the beach. Australia is a land of sun and warmth (for a large part), and its residents, including those of Sydney, love to go to the beach after work, bask in the sun, put on a lot of sunscreen and soak in the cool waters of the ocean, riding the breakers aboard their beloved surfboards.
Another interesting consideration regarding the "style" of the very young is the obligation to wear school uniforms. Often you will see children with a shirt, jacket, tie, shorts and knee socks, or girls with cute pleated skirts, puff-sleeved shirts and cute matching hats. A well-established custom here in Australia which, in addition to avoiding all sorts of social discrimination, is meant to be a sign of belonging to different schools. I must admit that sometimes I was a bit shocked by the length (or I should say shortness) of the skirts worn by these girls. By asking for information about it, I discovered that there are rules of maximum and minimum limits for the length of the skirt and each student can choose the one she prefers in agreement with her parents!”


Beach culture and surf culture strongly influence fashion in OZ:


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