• 2022.06.14
  • Sydney's Australian Maritime Museum and the history of discoveries
Sydney's Australian Maritime Museum is Australia's biggest centre for collections, exhibitions and research regarding maritime archaeology.
Like most attractions in this city, it is located in the characteristic Darling Harbour and is designed especially for those with a passion for navigation.
Inside you may find exhibits and information on the Navy, on the fleets that crossed the Pacific and many other original artifacts dating back to the landing of the first Europeans in Australia.
Outside, on the other hand, you can admire numerous replicas of important boats and ancient vessels on which you can also get on board to experience life on the water.

Through permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum aims to share the maritime history of Australia connecting peoples, objects and places that are part of the past and present of this country. In addition, the museum houses one of the largest collections of historic vessels in the world, which can be admired in the marina in front of the museum and contains the renowned replica of Captain Cook’s HMB Endeavour.
It was amazing to read about this replica which regularly voyages around the Australian coast giving Australians and school children direct access to this important vessel and to a piece of Australian history.
This replica was modelled based on the wreck which was found of the vessel which led Captain Cook to the discovery of this continent.
The museum's permanent exhibitions - in addition to the temporary ones and the museum's collection that can be visited by everyone online - explore and represent the close link between Australia and the sea: from the deep connection of the Australian aborigines with the ocean to the first explorations of the continent, from immigration by sea that continued until the last century to the maritime trade that still continues today, from the role that the ocean still plays today in defence but also in Australian identity.
The museum offers fascinating artifacts, exhibits and fun activities for young children as well as for adults to explore this centuries-old history between Australia and the sea that surrounds it in a fun and surprising way.
The place also offers a sort of Natural History Museum about marine animals so you can learn more about the fauna underwater around the coasts of Australia.
Some animals are hanging from the ceiling in the main hall which looks a bit weird at first, one because they are ‘flying’ marine animals and second because their ‘hanging position’ looks a bit gruesome.
Nevertheless the museum displays, audio tours and guides do their best to be informative and available to visitors and show respect for the marine life.
The museum offers various temporary exhibitions at any time of the year, and you will certainly find one that particularly interests you. The main temporary exhibitions are subject to a fee, and, given the cost of the ticket for each exhibition, if you are interested in more than one, I recommend purchasing the combined ticket.
I have just visited the museum last weekend and the most interesting exhibition on offer now is the "One Ocean, Our Future" exhibition, which is an extensive showcase of documents, images and objects covering everything you ever wondered about ocean life and how this delicate balance is important for our lives.
It also cover how climate change, overfishing and chemicals are affecting its future and therefore our future lives as well.
You can also touch and interact with several items on display and there are 3D reproductions as well to learn more about the ocean ecosystems and the deep-sea.


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