• 2022.07.12
  • What is Permaculture? An Australian born practice
A friend of mine has recently attended a Permaculture course at an ecofriendly village close to Sydney.
Following the experience, he explained me a little bit: what it is about and why it is becoming a big thing in Australia.
The course dealt with field design, ethics, soil, sun, water, climate and community.
My friend had a small plot of land which had become a laboratory for experiments to better understand the mechanisms of nature and every time he made something new he knew it was a test and he didn't really know what he was doing therefore he decided to attend this course.

But, what is permaculture?
Permaculture is a way of thinking about ecological design.
Permaculture as it is currently practiced was initiated right here in Australia, inspired by self-sustaining natural systems, such as woodlands and wetlands. These areas naturally produce abundance, recycle their wastes into fertility, and sustain a huge variety of plant and animal life.
The word permaculture was coined as a combination of “permanent” and “agriculture”.
Agriculture which is regenerative and sustainable.
It is not easy to explain permaculture with a few sentences but it focuses on nature, ethics and principles that can regularize our choices when cultivating.
My friend says that permaculture makes you feel alive and ignites the desire to do something for yourself, for others and for the whole world. In this society completely disconnected from nature, permaculture is a way to reconnect to it and return to being happy by rediscovering the importance of life in all its facets, recalibrating the values of individuals.
A permaculture landscape offers bigger and better harvests with less work, less time and fewer resources. Using the permaculture methods, a gardener can design a rewarding, beautiful and productive space without hours of ongoing work or applications of toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
This ecovillage, located north of Sydney, is pioneering work in the environmental field.
The property covers several lots, and it includes some small lakes, a few areas for agriculture and horticulture, woods and large uninhabited areas.
The best lots, identified in the planning, have been shared and are accessible to all. It is a permaculture village, designed in the 90s when the local economy was going towards underdevelopment. The group of promoters, after identifying the possibilities to implement an ecological development project, presented a specific plan to the authorities. After intense lobbying and information, the project was approved by local institutions and the construction started.
The place is very sensitive to new lifestyles and many people are interested in ecological discourse who have not managed to settle in the eco-village, have moved to the city and make a bit from satellites. There are many organic shops around the village selling the products of this place.
This village is a place to learn about permaculture and it’s also a gathering area for people who wish to meet to talk about yoga, beekeeping, theatre, or to organize initiatives within the community. There are field design workshops, community meals, meditation groups, children's play groups, parties ...
It is all done in harmony with the environment, all in a context of productive eco-system that has the stability, diversity and flexibility of natural ecosystems.
Some basic needs to be answered were therefore identified: water, air, clean food, spiritual expression, social integration, meaningful work, safe games, adequate housing. There is a lot of public land and a large percentage of this land is a natural habitat, not available for agriculture. But there are also precious acres of hills and plains, which residents can rent for a modest price.


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