• 2023.03.14
I have read it and heard it many times. And probably you have too.
According to many surveys, newspapers and statistics, Melbourne is the happiest city in the world.
The metropolis on the river has collected excellent marks in terms of education, health and infrastructure. But excellent ratings also for economic stability, cultural offerings and attention to the environment.
It's not Sydney, with its hills and long beaches. It's not even Brisbane, with the rough charm of the rainforest. Among the large Australian cities, Melbourne is probably the least picturesque and blessed from an environmental and scenic point of view.
It consists of a large urban agglomeration extended among hundreds of suburbs that are difficult to distinguish from each other.
I have been to Australia’s second largest city a few times and I like it but I have decided to ask a local to tell me the reasons why Melbourne, in Victoria, is considered to be such a good place where to live.
Here are my friend Beck’s answers and a summary of what she told me.

Melbourne is a very lively city and with so many events organized all the time, it is very easy to make friends, meet new people and network.
There are a lot of communities inside the city and each neighborhood has a strong ‘community feeling’ organizing fundraising, block parties and other activities.
It’s also an international city with ethnic flare.
It is said that more than half of residents were born in a foreign country so it somewhat a new immigration too.

The Yarra River, which runs throughout the city, is the perfect place for boat parties. There are many local cafés and promenades all along the river and local people love to stroll around during all the seasons.

Melbourne and its street art are famous all over the world! Melbourne's back streets are literally lit up with street art: some graffiti is the work of passers-by, others are real murals signed by famous artists such as Banksy himself.
Just like many phenomena that started as not authorised, at first the practice of graffiti was frowned upon, discouraged and persecuted. But it spread despite the veto until it was recognized as urban art after Bansky added his contribute.
Street art became an attraction and local authorities started viewing it as an added value to the city.

Music is also an essential part of the city's culture. Whether it's big festivals or street performers playing for passersby, good live music isn't hard to find.

Just south of central Melbourne is Brighton Beach, the perfect place to spend a day by the sea, both during the winter and during the summer. The Brighton Bathing Boxes – the typical changing cabins – have a very special design and are so colourful.

And finally, one of the most important elements of life in Melbourne is the Australian Football League. Australian rules football takes the name of Aussie Rules and is a hybrid sport: it borrows some rules from rugby, some from football. Others, however, are unique.

In short, whether you love nightlife, nature, beaches or cultural events (or all of these things together), in Melbourne you will find it all… And much more.


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Hello everyone! I’m originally from Italy and I moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2012 after getting a job as a civil engineer. I love walking my dog along the beach, surfing and taking photos. I used to have a travel blog because I’m passionate about traveling and I love writing about it too. Sydney is my home base now and I wish to share how amazing it is to live here. I love to spend time outdoors and I’m always well informed about local events because my girlfriend works in event management.

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