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  • Do you know what Gondwana is?
What is “Gondwana”?
Given its particular geographical position, Australia has some uniqueness in terms of flora and fauna that can date back to ancient times. Australia is a truly incredible country, where it is not only possible to find large cities, an amazing coastline and prime entertainment, but also to go on excursions worthy of African safaris.
All this to introduce the theme of the day, namely the Gondwana Rainforest.

The Gondwana Rainforest is part of the largest rainforest in the world, namely the Australian rainforest. It is a unique place, where incredibly ancient animal plants exist, which thanks to Australia's geographical position, have remained almost unchanged over time.
The Australian Rainforest is obviously a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO, includes about fifty separate nature reserves and covers a total area of more than 300,000 hectares.
The name of this particular rainforest area takes its cue from the ancient super-continent named Gondwana or Gondwanaland, as many of the species present in the area appear to date back to that period.
The Gondwana Rainforest includes reserves in south-east Queensland and New South Wales, an area where it is possible to encounter incredible biological diversity and where some endangered species of plants and animals can live protected and thrive.
Since the rainforest extends between two large states where the climate and temperatures can vary significantly, the two rainforests can change quite a bit and offer different landscapes.
Among the tropical forests recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in Queensland you can visit Kuranda and Daintree by entering the hinterland from the Gold Coast, it is possible to visit the national parks of Lamington and Springbrook, for a truly once in a lifetime experience. You can also sleep on the tops of trees, eat in the bush and travel accompanied by a real Aboriginal guide.

In order to visit the New South Wales side of the rainforest, you can start from Byron Bay where it is possible to access the Gondwana forests and crossing this area it is possible to come across a National Parks between the Border Ranges and Mount Warning. There is also a volcano known as Wollumbin. In these parks it is possible to live unique experiences in close contact with nature, such as meeting marsupials or the rare bird called Prince Albert.
By taking a tour with an aboriginal guide, he will show you all the different plant species which are endemic in the area. He will show you the rare ones to spot and he may explain how they are still used as medicine by the aboriginal people and not only!
Flower therapies have existed for millennia in indigenous tribes.
The essences of Australian bush flowers are particularly powerful and effective: why?
Thanks to the geographical separation of the southern continent from the rest of the earth millions of years ago, Australia is home to the oldest botanical species in the world.
In fact, Australia migrated to a hotter and drier area, some plants became extinct while others, struggling to survive, developed specific characteristics. This forced evolution of flora has created many new species that are rare, unique and full of vitality.
Furthermore, Australia is deeply imbued with a great ancient wisdom and a highly developed vital energy: these two great omnipresent and intrinsic forces of the continent have been transmitted to the Australian flora.
The plants and flowers of the Australian bush are therefore extraordinary from all points of view: botanical, energetic and visual. Flowers are plucked in the wildest and most vigorously untouched regions and the energy transmitted by the essences is particularly powerful.


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