• 2023.07.21
  • Gold Coast, an Australian jewel.
The Gold Coast is the most representative image of the Australian coast with its skyscrapers, with the long beaches and its surfers paradise which is more than just the name of one of the main towns here.
The Gold Coast is approximately 70 kilometers south of Brissie or Brisbane as Australians call the city.

The first time I went to the Gold Coast it let me down a bit but it wasn't all its fault to be honest.
I had heard so much about it and I couldn't wait to see it, to dive into the ocean and enjoy the skyline so I was a bit disappointed to visit it during some rainy days. But this is the exotic tropical climate of Queensland after all!
I decided to give it a second chance.
We arrived at the Gold Coast starting from its southernmost point, or Paradise Point. Leaving the highway, straight, anonymous and boring, we were catapulted into the world of excess. Huge villas, silver skyscrapers, green parks and amusement parks of all kinds. There was everything beyond imaginable. And of course there were a lot of people.
People walking their dogs, girls on skates, lifeguard towers decorated with colorful balloons and inviting waves. We stopped almost at every entrance to the ocean, each one was different and from each one we had a different view of the skyscrapers.
The ocean here is warm, and it's fun to play with the waves. I love jumping them, diving with them, letting the ocean hug me. A little less when the big wave arrives, which makes me bounce back, fall, spin around and find myself with kilos of sand in my swimsuit.
One of the most fascinating places is Mick Shamburg Park. Here is a wooden walkway from which there is a spectacular view of the Gold Coast. On one side the skyscrapers, which look like so many lego bricks stacked on top of each other. On the other, the tranquility of the bay of Burleigh Beach, the beach of the locals, far from the theme parks or mega luxury hotels. And if you're hot, you'll find wind here, so much wind.
After an impromptu photo shoot here, we continued our exploration of the coast, arriving as far as Burleigh Hill.
This place is famous for the great view, it's one of those Instagram spots, although I preferred the Mick Shamburg. From Burleigh Hill the coast appears as a moon. A white moon between the deep blue ocean and the green of the bushes that frame the long beach.
I was so intent on looking at the coast in the distance that I didn't notice a giant lizard four inches away from me. It was an Australian water dragon, beautiful, with green, yellow and black colors and with a lively eye, ready to grab the first insects that passed by. And next to her the inevitable Australian White Ibis, a really huge ibis with a white body and wrinkled black neck. In and around the Gold coast it is omnipresent. It’s like pigeons elsewhere.

Surfers’ Paradise, the man hub for entertainment and restaurants in the Gold Coast is a fine place too but not very laid back.
It got to be very expensive and crowded over the years I have heard but it is still quite charming. Here you can enjoy the Gold Coast nightlife and you can choose a wide variety of hotels from which to organise road trips, day trips or water sports. It’s fun with friends but for a romantic gateway or with family I would recommend staying along the coast going south towards New South Wales.


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