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In most of Australia, spring runs from September to November. The school vacation period goes from late September to mid-October in most states and this is when local families usually go on vacation.
The city of Sydney enjoys a subtropical oceanic climate and this means that the winters are mild and the summers generally hot. However, there is no shortage of rains which are rather abundant, especially in autumn and basically there is no dry season in the capital of New South Wales. The wind also blows frequently, especially in the October to April period, which coincides with the hottest season. In this period the temperatures are around 25°C but heat waves can occur, precisely because of the desert wind which, in addition to carrying a typical sand with it, can raise the thermometer even above 35°C for short intervals of time. Briefly, it can be said that although the city is a sunny place and the climate is generally good, sudden and intense thunderstorms and hailstorms can occur.

In September and October, the entire country is blooming for the spring time with jacaranda trees and field flowers.
In Canberra, ‘Floriade’ is the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere.
The festival offers an exciting program of horticulture workshops, music and entertainment with night events as well. At night, floodlit flowerbeds and entertainment for everyone.
Canberra is known as one of the best places to go ballooning, before spending the afternoon visiting the city's museums. If the sun is shining, pack a picnic hamper, rent a boat and cruise the lake.

In Sydney, Spring is an ideal time to visit the countryside and its many nearby local wineries, as well as to indulge in a long lunch in a picturesque vineyard or by the beach or yet in one of the many picnic areas available along the coast.
A country as large as Australia enjoys many climates from coast to coast and as a result has a rich and luxuriant flora, with some native, tropical or traditional flowers displaying lavish blooms and lush foliage.
But what are the spring flowers blooming Down Under?
For the most part, Australia's local wildflowers are unlike anything the world has ever seen, with strikingly colorful and fragrant blooms. The mesmerizing sunny yellow flowers, for example, are considered a symbol of Australian culture. These flowers belong to the Golden Wattle tree and they are native here.
South Australia cherishes the Swainsona formosa flower, also known as Sturt's desert pea flower, whose name honors the botanist who discovered it.
Banksia is a symbol of Australia and this flower is found everywhere (or almost) in hundreds of different varieties and colors, in the form of small bushes that decorate the flower beds on the side of the road or up to large trees that may reach twenty metres in height. Banksia is an important part of the Australian food chain and dots its landscape, so much so that you can't go to the continent Down Under without taking home a picture of it.
This flower accompanies you wherever you go, from botanical gardens to remote provincial roads, from expanses of meadows along the highway to national parks and even airports, with bushes decorating their entrances. For me, the Banksia is the flower of Australia, the first one to greet you by welcoming you to this continent.

Australia is also home to a large variety of native plants, given the hot and humid climate of most areas. King Protea, with its stunning range of pale pink to fiery red colors for instance, and the delicate white and pinkish Eriostemon Australasius, also known as Pink Wax flower, are just some of the beloved flowers this land has been blessed with.



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