• 2023.12.14
Capital of South Australia and a multi-ethnic centre, Adelaide is considered one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its strategic location, together with its calm and lively lifestyle, have made this city a very popular destination for students and workers.
Visiting it I have realized that it is a very different city from other Australian capitals, perhaps more English style, perhaps more traditional and a bit less modern, but Adelaide has managed to gain considerable importance in the past few years as it is considered to be very liveable and family-friendly.
Established by free settlers and not as a penal colony unlike other places in this country, Adelaide has always stood out for its harmony and is today also a highly multi-ethnic centre thanks to immigrant coming from Asia and Europe mostly. Living in Adelaide has proved to be an exciting experience for many I have met here in OZ.

For most people, living in Adelaide is the most advantageous choice from a climate point of view. In fact, the city has a dry and sunny climate which leads to the presence of hot but not sultry summers. On the contrary, winters can be quite rainy but still not excessively harsh. Adelaide is located in an enchanting location, halfway between the vast ocean and the peaks of the neighbouring mountain ranges. Furthermore, the city represents the last bastion before the boundless Australian outback. This has meant that Adelaide has become a transit point for numerous travelers and a much loved destination for foreigners.
It is a pretty city with a small town feeling even though it has over one million inhabitants.
It is a place surrounded by greenery and rich in culture with its city parks, its vineyards, its museums and a slow flow of life.
Maybe it won't be the first choice of those who decide to come to Australia, but Adelaide is the perfect starting point for visiting the Australian outback and is also excellent to find a job in the vineyards around it.
The traffic in this city is orderly and many people move around by bike regardless of the temperatures. In the center, ancient and modern styles mix, with nineteenth-century style churches flanked by tall glass buildings.
A pearl of Adelaide is for sure the central market, the covered market, where you can find fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, meat, cheeses and bread at excellent prices. For this reason it is also loved by the locals who shop here.
And if you want to try a green and alternative means of transport, hop aboard one of the numerous electric rickshaws in the direction of Adelaide's Central Market. Built in 1869, the Central Market has been offering the best local produce for over 150 years. Next to the central market is Adelaide's Chinatown, which with its shops selling various objects and the scents of oriental spices.
When I visited the city with my girlfriend, we first reached the Botanical Garden, located in the northern part of the city. Entrance is free and bikes can be parked outside. Here there are also university campuses and museums, the neighborhood is very lively and friendly.
The garden contains a rose garden, a greenhouse with tropical plants, various specimens of Australian flora and several ponds with ducks. It's a nice walk even for those who aren't very knowledgeable about botany, however, for those who would like to know more, a free guided tour of the garden is available every morning.
We also visited Rundle Mall, the most popular shopping street: a very long pedestrian street in the heart of the city with all kinds of shops and a mall within the mall (an indoor shopping centre that is).
Adelaide is walkable unlike most Australian cities and towns where you need a car so it’s very pleasant for a visit.


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