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  • 2015.04.24
  • The Easter Egg – An Easter Present
When you look up the meaning of vernal equinox in the “Kojien” dictionary, it says that it is “one of the 24 divisions of the solar year, falling on around March 21 of the solar calendar. It is the middle day of the vernal equinoctial week when the lengths of day and night are almost equal.” In Italy, Easter, which is the most important Christian holiday, is celebrated during this season.

In Italy, where Vatican City is located, the majority of the nation is traditionally Catholic, and a special spirit fills the country during the period around Easter. As for its atmosphere, it is solemn yet gorgeous, similar to New Year’s of Japan. In contrast to New Year’s, which is the line between the old and New Year, Easter carries the meaning of the redeemer Christ’s crucifixion and his resurrection 3 days later. In other words, it signifies “death and rebirth.” It is an important day when families and relatives get together after going to the church and enjoy a grand meal to share in strengthening their bonds.

Since before the time of Christianity, this Easter celebration was carried out in countries across Europe to announce the arrival of spring and celebrate the day and sun, which becomes longer each day. Symbols of this celebration, the egg symbolizing resurrection of life and the rabbit signifying fertility with many children became popularized.

Take a look around the city and you will find shop windows with pleasant decorations all around from pastry stores to general stores. There are a variety of colorful decorations in pink, orange, yellowish green, gold and floral patterns with ribbons and flowers, as well as ones that use dolls, and they certainly portray the color of spring.


Out of all those decorations, taking center stage are the eggs and rabbits of Easter, known as the Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies in countries like Japan and the U.S.These lovely symbols are popular among the peoples regardless of religion and have been loved through the generations. In fact, you would feel joy just from viewing the various decorations and illustrations of Easter.

Shop windows of many of the chic candy stores and cafes throughout the city compete to prepare the most beautiful decorations. Especially for candy shops, making delicious sweets is just as important as making beautiful decorations.


Inside the package of an egg or bunny is a chocolate! The chocolate is hollow and a surprise gift is hidden inside. This chocolate is so popular that candy stores as well as supermarkets both small and large set up special corners for them. Parents buy their kids chocolate days before Easter and the kids imagine what may be inside the chocolate as they longingly wait to open them.


My recollection from my first Easter experience involved a small egg-shaped chocolate that was given to me as a gift by a classmate. “In Italy, we have the custom of exchanging eggs with someone precious to you before Easter,” she explained to me. The caring gesture she showed towards an international student by presenting me with this small egg was something that touched my heart.

I was able to learn some of the customs related to gift giving that are unique to Europe and the Americas. It was as if this sweet egg was filled a light feeling of expectation awaiting the sunlight of spring.


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