• 2022.09.22
  • Thailand becomes the first Southeast Asian country to legalize marijuana!

Everybody knows that marijuana is an illegal drug, right?
But did you hear the news? The Thai government changed its laws and removed marijuana from its list of controlled substances. On June 9, 2022, Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize medicinal marijuana.
Reports stated that starting June 9, 2022, the Thai government is no longer treating marijuana as a controlled substance.
This means that regular households are free to cultivate marijuana without restrictions, and that anyone age 20 or older can grow marijuana as long as they register through a smartphone app. Marijuana products must contain no more than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in order to be sold, and must be both sold and used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana products with a total THC concentration over 0.2% are still controlled substances, and recreational use is still not permitted.
What are the benefits of marijuana?
The first use of marijuana as medicine is thought to have been around 4,700 years ago in China, when the emperor used it to relieve pain and discomfort associated with rheumatism.
Alleviating pain and discomfort…
Would any of you try a medicinal plant that had these effects?
There are even records of marijuana being used in prewar Japan as medicine to treat pain and fatigue.
It also has a long history of usage in Thailand as a traditional medicine.
Modern research on marijuana has revealed numerous benefits in addition to the drug’s negative effects, as long as it is used in the proper dosage. Among them are relief from asthma and migraines, preventing common chemotherapy side effects such as pain and nausea, and stimulating the appetite.
When the drug is abused, it is reported to cause hallucinations, poor memory, and decreased learning ability.

Hemp is another plant that looks almost identical to marijuana.
Hemp is incredibly fibrous, and can be used to make clothing, paper, and other hemp products. The seeds can be used to make hempseed oil, which is making headlines as a highly nutritious superfood.
Hempseed oil is also a promising anti-aging product due to antioxidant properties that help keep skin youthful.
There are concerns that the use of marijuana among international tourists will increase as the number of Thai citizens growing marijuana skyrockets.

Some restaurants and cafés have recently begun selling juices, cakes, and other products that contain marijuana. The new law also allows supermarkets, convenience stores, cosmetics shops and other establishments to sell processed foods (such as bottled drinks or cookies) containing marijuana in addition to medicinal marijuana products. Because it’s so easy to purchase these items now, there have been ongoing reports of people passing out in the streets of Thailand after putting them in alcohol, for example, and consuming them—semi-jokingly and ignorant of their effects.

Food and drink establishments that are against these practices display “no weed” signs out front to reassure their customers.
Foreign travelers concerned about the new laws should review the latest tourist information before coming to Thailand.
The Thai government is hoping that the new legislation will stimulate tourism, agriculture, healthcare, and other economic sectors as new businesses have started popping up with the aim of participating in the domestic and overseas marijuana market.
It will be interesting to see what the future of the marijuana industry holds…


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