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  • Durian: King of Fruits
What are your favorite fruits?
In this post, I’ll tell you about one of the most popular fruits in Thailand.
It’s one that I’m sure you’ve at least heard of.
That’s right, the famously super-stinky durian!

I actually dislike the smell of durian myself, but I still went to take some photos at a durian shop for you (lol).
Most Thai people love durian, referring to it as “the king of fruits.”
There are three main types of durian in Thailand: the monthong, chanee, and kanyao.
The season for durian varies slightly depending on the varietal, climate, region, and other factors, but it’s generally between April and June in places like the Isan region in the northeast, and between June and August in places like southern Thailand.

Durian is packed with nutrients, including carbohydrates, vitamins, and iron. But even 100 grams of it is quite high in calories, so you’ve got to watch how much you eat.
There have also been news stories of people who started feeling bad after eating it with alcohol, and ultimately died.
So be careful when eating durian!

It takes a bit of courage to eat durian raw—mostly because of the stink.
If you want to try durian but aren’t up for eating it raw, you can try durian chips, which have a milder odor. They’re popular as souvenirs too, making them an easy way to enjoy the fruit.
More recently, many places have found a way to harvest durian year-round. So now you can eat durian anywhere you go in Thailand, no matter what season it is.

Durian and jackfruit

Durian is considered a relatively high-end, expensive fruit compared to more common fruits.
Aside from mango, it’s apparently the most popular fruit among foreign visitors to Thailand. Travelers from China particularly love it.
If you’ve been to Thailand, you may have seen the signs posted above many entrances that read, “No durian. No mangosteen.”
Because the smell of durian is so overpowering, many buildings don’t allow people to bring it in.

There are some visitors who want to take durian back home with them, but as you’d expect, traveling with raw fruit is prohibited. Instead, try some dried durian, durian candy, or durian chips—you can still enjoy the stinky smell!
If you come to Thailand, make sure to try some durian!


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