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  • 2018.08.08
  • Floating fun places in the Big Apple
We often forget that New York is a city facing the sea and that Manhattan is an island and even that the boat is one of the best ways to discover the city differently and spend time in a totally exotic way.
New York can be done on the water too!
While it is certain that the Hudson River is not the Caribbean Sea, you will be surprised to discover all the boats and other floating barges installed on the various rivers and ports around the city where it is good to go for a drink or even for food. Every year spring is the season of the opening of the boat-bars and when summer hits, all these places are up and running:

The fish bar is combining a cruise to the Statue of Liberty and a restaurant/bar atmosphere, all in a long yacht.
This is the classic boat bar and it is perfect for summer days, provided you take the trouble to wait for your turn. It is not uncommon to have to queue to enter because it’s a very popular place.

The Frying Pan is a 1929 historic flagship boat and barge with plenty of seating, also with tables on a higher level for an unobstructed view of the Hudson. The menu includes things to nibble on and a large selection of draft and bottled beer. It is perhaps the most famous of New York’s bar boats.
It is open from the first warm days in the spring season to the last sunny days after Halloween. Until early May it opens only from midday to dusk, but from May onwards the bar remains open from late morning to midnight.

It’s a superb sailing boat docked in Tribeca, which reflects the neighborhood where it is located, with cocktails and high-end food, as well as a well-dressed clientele. Be careful as soon as the summer season approaches as it becomes more and more complicated to have the chance to reserve a spot here and, without reservations, you must be queuing for hours to get onboard.

Previously named Marlow & Sons Diner, this place transformed this historic schooner into a floating seafood restaurant and bar. Guests can sit around two large brass counters - one at the front of the boat and the other at the back in the middle of the restaurant. There is no need to book a table to have a drink here but you must arm yourself with patience since waiting at its entrance can be long, especially in the early evening when the crowd mounts to admire the sunset on the Hudson River. It is also Happy Hour time with drinks half off and since its cocktails are elaborated meticulously by real pro shaker the lines get even longer. As for the restaurant, it is so successful that sometimes you have to book several weeks in advance to get a table. You will die in front of their oysters - among the best in New York - or their ceviche, lobster roll or clams served in their homemade sauce.

This place offers tacos, corn tortillas and other Mexican favorites.
The food is good but extremely spicy. They also have some American favorites such as hot dogs and crispy fries. The service is friendly, the atmosphere is young and relaxed, the music playlist can be chosen by the clients and the tables are many. Smokers can rejoice too because an outside corner is reserved to them and this is somewhat rare in the States. The place offers a magical view of the skyline, especially at night. The good time to come is nevertheless the early evening, when you can witness a breathtaking sunset. The opening of the boat depends strongly on the weather but they have a Facebook page where to check their opening hours on a daily basis.

This terrace bar is located on the upper deck of a yacht which is moored permanently on the East River, near 30th Street. It opened as an open-air piano bar, where to sip refined cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the seafood menu while admiring the sublime views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the river. With its large bay windows, it offers a sumptuous panorama on the East River regardless of the table you choose.


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