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  • Looking for the Easter bunny in New York City …
April and the Spring time are a call for celebrations in New York City.
And, although Easter is not a particularly heartfelt holiday in New York City, like any other festive occasion, the city offers events to make children and adults have fun and make you live an unforgettable time.
Among other things, Easter holidays are a great time to visit New York. Easter falls in the Spring and spring temperatures make it even more enjoyable to walk around the city.
An unmissable opportunity to combine Easter and Easter Monday and have two days off to explore the city that never sleeps.
For many, Easter is synonymous with chocolate bunnies and eggs. Even in New York this tradition is respected so much that every year the traditional Easter Egg Hunt is organized, a treasure hunt for Easter eggs. An opportunity not to be missed especially if you are celebrating Easter in New York with children.
Historically, egg hunting in New York took place in Central Park. However, in recent years, the event has been competing with other events scattered throughout the city.
New York always thinks about the little ones and there are several organized egg hunts in all New York neighborhoods, from the famous one at the Rockefeller Center for which one has to register in advance on the official website to smaller ones organized in Brooklyn Heights, some small parks and at the museums.
Brunch is one of the most beloved habits of New Yorkers, and I agree it’s great in this city.
Having the Easter brunch in New York is a real tradition and an experience worth trying. There are plenty of places to choose from.
After brunch it’s nice to attend the bizarre and colorful Easter Parade, a culminating moment of Easter in New York, a tradition that dates back to the 1800s. On Easter Day, along 5th Avenue (which for this occasion is closed to traffic) a parade takes place and its protagonists are New Yorkers and their Easter bonnets, the strangest shapes of bonnets ever.
This fashion show is appreciated for being a mix between the celebration of Easter and a way to dress up in a fun, refined and sophisticated way, as per New York tradition.
Obviously everyone can participate in the parade even without dressing up. However, if you wish to dress well, wear your weirdest hat and become the protagonists of the Easter parade in NYC.
At the Parade you can find Jazz Bands playing along Fifth Avenue, and many New Yorkers dancing to the rhythm of Swing! But also jugglers, street dancers, street vendors with cotton candy and balloons…and obviously hot dogs and French fries.
Another famous Spring event in New York is the Tartan Day Parade: every year you can participate and celebrate this typical American party dedicated to the Scots, to their creed and customs by parading with the typical Scottish Kilt playing bagpipes. A moment of great emotion for all the Scots who are far from their land and do not want to give up their traditions.
On Easter day, many are the gospel masses held in Harlem and they are spectacular or, an alternative to the gospel mass in Harlem is to attend the Easter mass at the St. Patrick's Cathedral, the main Catholic place of worship in New York.
Located on 5th Ave, St. Patrick Cathedral is also a very popular place to watch the Easter parade. It is in this wonderful cathedral that, after having participated in the Easter Parade, we took part in the Easter mass, celebrated in Spanish too.

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