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  • Manas - the Largest Epic in the World
Walking through the city of Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, one can see monuments to the epic hero "Manas". Passing by them every day, you gradually stop paying attention to the monuments to "Manas" and the storytellers of "Manas" - "manaschy". In my own family and among relatives, there are "manaschy" who can orally recount stories of Manas for hours and days. So, what is this epic and who is Manas, and why is his monument placed in the central square of Bishkek and other significant places?
The world of literary works is rich with a variety of epics, but among them, one of the most impressive in terms of volume and depth is "Manas". This epic, belonging to the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz Republic, impresses with its scale and epic plots, captivating readers with its heroes and events. Let's delve into this unique literary masterpiece and explore why "Manas" is considered the largest epic in the world.
"Manas" is not only an epic but also a national symbol of Kyrgyzstan, with roots dating back to ancient times. The oldest records of "Manas" date back to the 17th century, but many of the epic's plots were passed down orally from generation to generation for many centuries. This epic is known for its heroic saga and rich cultural history, reflecting the spirit and values of the Kyrgyz people.
"Manas" consists of a vast number of lines, totaling approximately 500 thousand, making it the largest epic in the world. The epic of Manas is included in the list of masterpieces of oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity, as well as in the Guinness World Records book as the largest epic in the world.
The epic is divided into numerous chapters and episodes, each recounting various adventures and feats of the main heroes, such as Manas, Semetey, and Seytek.
The plot of "Manas" covers a wide range of themes, including heroic battles, love stories, spiritual quests, and moral lessons. It reflects the cultural and social values of the Kyrgyz people, presenting ideals of justice, honor, and loyalty.
"Manas" plays a significant role in shaping and maintaining Kyrgyz identity and national consciousness. This epic serves as a source of inspiration for many generations of the Kyrgyz people and continues to be a key element of cultural heritage.


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