• 2017.04.05
  • A Relaxing Meditative Day in Bangalore

When I first heard about this really fascinating Floating meditation I became excited to try out. This studio in Bangalore called ‘1000 Petals’ called me up to come and try a complete mind expanding floating meditation. I am a Yoga practitioner and a trainer and I keep these practices at a high regard. So when I got this call it made me so happy. It’s not something I have done before. Or even heard of it. So I decided to go there and give it a try and I was absolutely hooked!

The Floating Tank Meditation:

Called as Float Therapy or R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy) is a very interesting concept. The water tub where this floating happens is filled with 500 kg of Epsom salt. Epsom salt is known to have innumerable healing properties. And there’s 500 kg dissolved in the water. Because of the saltiness in the water, anyone who gets into the tub starts floating automatically.

Everything inside the Room where the Float therapy happens is in our control. From the door lock to operating the switches in the tub is in our control. Hence there’s total privacy and more importantly calmness all over.

My Experience:
The administration explained me how to start and get into the tub, they left me. I had a quick shower before getting into the tub. Ear plugs where also given and necessary as we are immersed half face in the tub. After my preparation, I got into the tub the way I was instructed. The floating happened at such ease! It was kind of overwhelming in the beginning because I was floating without even trying then as time goes on I got used to it.

There were 2 control buttons inside the tub. One for the lights and another for the door of the tub to close. It was that convenient. There’s a soothing music plays in the room which stops after a while and the light of the room goes off. So once comfortable, we have to close the roof of the tub. And then shut the lights off.
Absolute bliss. You are floating freely with no lights and sound or people to disturb you. What more do you need?! This is a 90 minute meditation. So as time went by slowly, and I got pretty used to the floating and darkness, one thing I heard clearly and loudly was my breathing.

In meditation we train our mind so hard to focus on our breath and it is a task considering how many disturbances are around. But the beauty of this float therapy is that everything is shut around you and all you are hearing is the breath. Meditation happens easily here! Oh the joy!

Not to mention even the body is so much relaxed because of the Epsom salt. It’s a winner idea and at the end I felt like a winner. My mind, body and breath was completely relaxed and in tune.

I’m so glad this is accessible in my city. How lucky am I?



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