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  • 2017.10.19
  • Brighton is fun, relax and culture. A city away from the city.
Brighton has always been the pulsating heart of the English coast, welcoming tens of thousands of language students and tourists every year and hosting some of the UK's most popular English schools but, above all, it allows anyone who chooses it to go home with wonderful memories of the city and East Sussex.
Brighton Beach, with its rock pebbles bathing in the sea and the multitude of seaside bars, restaurants and cafes, is truly legendary.
On sunny days, there is nothing that can match the pleasure of lying on the beach with a good book, eating fish & chips surrounded by friends and seagulls or, on warmer days, diving in the water together with people from all over the world.
The barbecue tradition is perfect for crowning a beautiful day at the beach.
After 6 pm, when the sun sets, you can smell the aromatic smoke which brings back nostalgic memories.
In addition to offering barbecues for rent near the beach, the city even installed special containers where to store your food after use.

Brighton Beach

Sports enthusiasts can also indulge in a vast choice of water activities such as paddleboards, kayaks and many other beach or water sports, while on weekends the party continues until the night!
Students, visitors, locals and Londoners fleeing from the metropolis pour into the beach to relax and prepare for the night in the various nightclubs.

In a country where you can never be further than 110km from the sea, Brighton Beach is undoubtedly the most popular seaside resort in Great Britain.
Brighton is not only a seaside resort, but the town also wishes to enhance its natural beauty and it’s rich in art and culture.
Perhaps this perfect combination makes it so fascinating, so interesting.
Before the Royal Family fell in love with the town, Brighton was a small fisherman's village, unaware of the attention that it would soon get.
When the Royal Family discovered the benefits of life in Brighton in the 18th century, the city and the waterfront began to be embellished with splendid French or Asian-style palaces, including the glittering Royal Pavilion, transforming the fishing village into a small London at sea.

Brighton Dome

Brighton did not lose its heart and instead of welcoming just members of the English aristocracy it became a vacation resort open to people coming from all over Britain and from abroad.
Students, tourists and Londoners fleeing the stress of the metropolis joined the inhabitants of Brighton looking for peace.
Summer is the ideal time to stroll through the stalls of Brighton’s many markets and enjoy some national and international dishes during the many gourmet events that take place in the city.
Brighton is famous for being a very tolerant city, not only because it is the gay capital of Great Britain, hosting a Gay Pride parade every year in August, but also because it hosts a young and cosmopolitan population.
Although London invokes young ambitious people who want to have a career, Brighton is a place for artists and athletes who enjoy the pleasures of life.
Amongst the famous festivals held in the town is the Brighton Festival, a spring event that delights the city with music, theater, movies and much more.
In order to accommodate thousands of international students and visitors each year, you need to have an excellent public transport network that will enable people from all over the world to get to destination without much worry or stress.
Gatwick Airport is less than half an hour by train, while London is only 50 minutes away.
People living permanently in Brighton are very careful to preserving the town and its surroundings and it is no coincidence that this was the first city to elect an exponent of the ecologist party in the parliament.
The city is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, but also for the ability to blend perfectly its international vocation with a more traditional English side.
You can still go to the beach to eat an excellent fish & chips dish and drink a classic tea in the afternoon with some locals.
A walk along the pier will take you back in time, to when families enjoyed this seaside resort coming from all parts of England.

Brighton Pier


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