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  • 2018.02.01
  • Winter Wonderland in London
Winter Wonderland is not just the name of a fair which takes place in London between January and February, but it’s also how I like to call that magical atmosphere which surrounds the British capital in the first months of the year.
The Winter Wonderland fair takes place in Hyde Park and it’s a fair recommended to families in particular, because it offers free access and it includes a multitude of fun games and activities, comprising acrobatic performances, shows and a Ferris wheel.

Winter Wonderland


There is also a huge delicacy market which surrounds the main stage, where the Victorian Hyde Park Orchestra plays music every night.
At this fair it is also possible to admire snow and ice sculptures or watch high-level skaters perform in an exciting ice-skating show, but this is not the only excitement one can get in London in the winter months, obviously!
Some Londoners, the lucky ones who work independently or have lots of money at least, often choose to abandon the city during the coldest (and rainiest!) winter months because they say London is depressing in the first months of the year.
But this is far from the truth!
It is true though that in January and February the city is a lot emptier than usual because few tourists decide to visit it in this period and because quite a few locals go abroad around this time.
But, you will ask yourself, after the magic period of Christmas is the city a bit boring?
The answer is no: London never stops!
I actually think the opposite and I believe that the first months of the year are magical in London.
First of all, since the prices after the Christmas holidays are lowered, it’s a great time to go shopping!
London in this time of the year ‘rhymes’ with sales and discounts and each district offers the maximum choice for all budgets.
London in January and February also hosts the Lumiere Festival which fills up the city with lighting installations created by numerous international artists and every year it hosts a different circus at different venues around the city centre.
Although tons are the events in London every day, the circus has been a long-standing tradition and it’s a must for locals to go check out the circus when in town.
This year the event to put on the must-do-list is the spectacular Cirque du Soleil.
In the beautiful location of the Royal Albert Hall, you can watch the extraordinary performances of acrobats and dancers as they jump in the air and fly over the audience.

Royal Albert Hall

Book lovers can spend the coldest winter months in the cosy small mom and pop bookshops because, in this period of the year, they always offer discounts and organize ‘meet with the author’ events.
Among my favourite bookstores in the city centre is Daunt Book in the Marylebone neighbourhood especially because they have an extensive travel section which will appeal to all passionate travellers.
Not everyone knows that most museums in London offer free admission and therefore are crowded year round but these first months of the year are perfect for a museum or art gallery visit because the queues at the entrances will be halved (often even non-existent) and the exhibitions rooms are semi-deserted allowing a perfect learning and visiting experience.

London Museum

And if you are still not convinced, let me tell you… In the cold winter months what's better than searching for some heat inside a typical English pub?
London has a pub at every corner and nothing beats the cosy and heart-warming atmosphere of an English pub on a chilly and rainy day!


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