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  • 2018.02.15
  • Capital of fashion statements
It is not easy to talk about a city like London without referring to its fashion trends and lifestyle influences. London is where new trends are born and it has always been a place for trendsetters.

Already considered the European Capital of Finance, one of the main technological hubs in the world and the birth place of many start-up companies, now London is growing in popularity when it comes to the fashion field.
Fashion is indeed becoming one of the most prosperous sectors, attracting thousands of professionals every year.
London’s fashion week is gaining popularity and the presence of specialized schools, hosting some of the best fashion designers in the world, are transforming it into the headquarters of the best fashion worldwide.

The London fashion week has been held twice a year, in February and September, since 1984 but, only in recent years, it has become a must in the field and it’s now taken very seriously.
The event is organized by the British Fashion Council that, together with the London Development Agency and the Department for Business, organizes events, as well as workshops, to make London’s fashion statements popular around the world.
The event is part of the so-called Big Four, referring in fact to the four most important fashion weeks existing with the Milan, Paris and New York fashion weeks.
It is now a large event that attracts investors from all over the world (with a turnover of over 40 million pounds a year) and being one of the most important cities from the point of view of new technologies, the British capital’s fashion week has become the social event par excellence, with fashion bloggers from all over the world attending the fashion shows.
London is only behind New York and Paris with over 250,000 participants against the more than 800,000 of the city that never sleeps and almost 300,000 of the capital of romance but it has now got ahead of Milan when it comes to followers.

London fashion offers many insights for analysis and inspiration for those looking for their style.
In fact, in the city of Queen Elizabeth you will find fashion in every neighbourhood, in every street corner.
And each area is characterized for being famous for a particular style.
In London, it is easy to come across men in double-breasted coats, especially in the business area. Luxury clothes and shoes are all around London but the city is a place for trendsetter and everyone knows that here punk style and the miniskirt got famous for the first time.

Business area in London

Around Portobello Road and the Notting Hill area luxury gives way to a more punk-rock look with a dash of Caribbean style, just to reiterate the mix of cultures that you breathe in the city.
In fact, here there are many flea markets and second-hand shops in this neighbourhood.
It is said that punk was born in the late sixties in the United States, thanks to experimental bands such as Velvet Underground and the Who, wearing leather jackets, T-shirts torn and wearing shaved hair, with a prominent crest in the middle of the head.
But it is in Europe, precisely in the United Kingdom, that, in the first half of the seventies, the true stylistic revolution took place, thanks to the eccentric designer Vivienne Westwood and to their shop at 430 King's Road in London.
London soon became the punk style capital of the world, the city was a cauldron of disappointment for unemployed young people who had a desire for rebellion.

Trendy shops

Punk style in London

It’s therefore London the centre of new trends and where new styles are born.


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