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  • 2018.04.25
  • Pillow fight! …and other outdoor events
Spring in New York rhymes with more crazy festival and funky events.

The London's International Pillow Fight Day
London's International Pillow Fight Day returns this year and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a huge outdoor pillow fight!
The event, now in its seventh edition, is held in many cities of the world, from Asia to America, and also in other cities and towns around England besides London, including Oxford and Manchester.
But the true pillow fight is the one in London because it’s the one attracting more people and the city has established that all participants need to contribute to the cleaning of the city after the event.
That not only helps people become better citizens, but it also promote socializing among the participants.
The traditional battlefield of the Pillow Fight Day has always been Trafalgar Square.
The event normally lasts for about an hour and all you need to do is get a pillow and want to have fun and get to the square (after being checked at a security checkpoint obviously)! Keep in mind, however, the following indications to ensure the safety of everyone:

1) Take a pillowcase with you because cushions can cause scratches;
2) Dose your strength when you are in battle ... even if the weapon is a pillow, you risk however to hurt someone;
3) Do not target those who have a camera (they are officially there to record the event because cameras are forbidden);
4) Take your pillow away at the end of the event;
5) Take a rubbish bag with you to help clean up once the battle is over.

The Trafalgar Square Games Festival
Another funky event held during the spring in London is the Trafalgar Square Games Festival in which one can compete in many game experiences in the Square and at many other locations around town. The Festival offers over 40 events in 30 different locations in London, aimed at both consumers and fans alike and commercial operators as well.
There is also a huge giant Monopoly installed on Trafalgar Square and the giant Monopoly coincides with the start of the London Games Festival.
The giant boxes of the game are very special and informative because each of them has interesting and curious facts about the history of video games in the United Kingdom.
The mega board with stations, prisons, short alleys and parks just like the regular game measures almost 16 meters on each side and faces the National Gallery Museum. Even the pawns and the dice, as well as the cards, are enormous and it would be interesting to find a way to throw the two dice avoiding to smash someone or cheat.

Trafalgar Square is used for events

The London Marathon
One of the most awaited outdoor events in London is definitely the London City Marathon held at the end of April each year.
The Virgin Marathon London was born from the idea of two well-known English marathon runners, John Disley and Chris Brasher, who with their commitment and thanks to the funding of the first race sponsor, managed to inaugurate the event in 1981 with over 7,000 participants and thousands of spectators present.
The objectives that the two athletes proposed were to promote a major international event that could improve the standard of English sport and raise funds to improve London's recreational spaces at the same time.
Since then the London Marathon has grown in size and popularity: it is one of the most watched sporting events and is broadcast on television in more than 150 countries worldwide!
It is also a great charity event, as more than three quarters of runners run for charitable purposes and in the last 15 years, the race has helped over 750 charity organizations.
The organization of the Virgin London Marathon is impeccable: along the marathon route there are refreshments with water and energy drinks, as well as shower stations.
Along the way there are also several medical assistance points.

Hyde Park is used by London runners


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