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In addition to the Beatles’ Abbey Road, London has many other places worth visiting if you are a music fan and the very same Abbey studios were also used for many years by the Pink Floyd who recorded here their first album and several others.
They also recorded their songs here Fred Astaire, Nick Cave, Kate Bush, the Oasis and the Spice Girls.
The Pink Floyd, in addition to the Abbey Road studios, have another place in the city made famous by the cover of one of their important albums: the imposing Battersea power station, immortalized on the cover of the album ‘Animals’ from 1977.

Battersea Power Station

And if you are looking for other places where pictures of albums of famous groups were taken, Primrose Hill appeared on the cover of an album by the Rolling Stones and the same place was used by Madness for the cover of their ‘The Rise & Fall.’
The Rolling Stones also used a courtyard in Soho for the cover of the album ‘Out of Our Heads.’
The Beatles were photographed on the staircases of a building on Manchester Square for more than one of their albums.
In the ‘70s the Jam used the interior of the Baker street subway for the cover of their ‘Down in the Tube station at Midnight’ and the group was later photographed at Carnaby street for the cover of one of their single albums.
There are also several famous musicians’ houses around London, such as Paul Mc Cartney’s house on Wimpole street, where he wrote the famous song ‘Yesterday.’
In the ‘60s he then bought a luxurious villa in St Johns Wood, a place which is still visited by hundreds of fans every day.
The Dire Straits, in the 1970s, all lived together in a modest shared apartment at Church Street in Depford.
Right here, at the back of the building there was their first live performance.
The Sex Pistols in the mid-70s lived on Denmark Street and here wrote some of their successes as ‘God save the Quee’, a hymn of the Punk people.
This street has always been known for music stores, record stores, musical instrument stores and it is a meeting place for the musicians themselves.
The Music Room deserves a special mention, a famous musical instruments shop where people can try instruments or listen to those who wish to try them, or Rare Guitar, a shop specializing in guitars of all kinds and for every genre.
From Prince to Spice Girls, in London there is a bar inspired by international music stars and its menu is inspired by the legends of the international music scene.
Whoever says that London always offers the usual boring English pop, doesn't really know the city. London’s nightlife has always been versatile and the variety of live music bars existing can satisfy all musical interests.
From venues inspired by music from the ‘30s to the more futuristic ones up to clubs and pubs linked to the musical art scene, there are live performances of anything from Spice Girls to Red Hot chili Peppers waiting for you.
Anyone who wants to feel like a rock star, at least for one night, can sip a cocktail inspired by one of their favourite artists at the Rosewood's Scarves Bar, where you can enjoy cocktails bearing the names of some of the artists who made the history of international music.
The rich menu of cocktails inspired by the names and personalities of the artists continues to be enriched by new celebrities.
The menu includes cocktails to suit all tastes, from alcoholic ones to non-alcoholic ones, and they all seem to be tailored to the star they refer to.
For example, the ‘Tell me what you want’ cocktail, inspired by the homonymous song by the Spice Girls, will have a strong and decisive taste just like the fantastic 5. ‘No Booze, No Cry’ was inspired by Bob Marley and it will be strictly non-alcoholic. Satchmo, based on whiskey and fruity syrup, is a cocktail with a strong character just like musician Louis Armstrong. Those who love Champagne, can choose the cocktail combined with Prince.
Among others, you find cocktails inspired by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pavarotti and Aretha Franklin who gives her name to a fantastic fruity punch.

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